Conference of the Church in Bangkok (October 21 – 24, 2011): The Heavenly Vision ( II ) --The Present Age of the New Covenant-- (Acts 26:19)

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Meeting 1

Acts 26:19; Prov. 29:18; Matt. 16:16-17; Gal. 1:15-16; Col. 1:26-17; Eph. 1:17

Dear Father, we do give you this conference into your hands that you would give is wisdom and vision from above. May your spirit speak to us. We desire to have an ear to hear what the Spirit is speaking to the churches. Do bless us and bless our gathering.

We just came from the San Francisco bay area and we were also in Cupertino. And I do bring greetings from brother Cheng, who is in that area. Although he is not able to come here, he often thinks of you. And I do hope that he would be able to come again. We should also remember them in prayers, to remember Brother Cheng & Sister Cheng. He sends special greetings to you. Thank and praise the Lord.

I hope you still remember our conference from last year when we spoke about the heavenly vision. There we fellowshipped concerning the Old Testament age. God is living. Our God is too great and too glorious. He is a living God. And He is a speaking God. The entire Bible is the word of God. God appeared also to man. And He gave His people His heavenly vision. There are many religions in this world, like Buddhism, but Buddha, their god did not speak to them. How can an idol speak? An idol cannot speak, let alone give any kind of vision to his people. But our God is a living and speaking God and He gives His people a vision. You can see from the time of Adam until the end of the Old Testament with Malachi that God spoke so much and He gave his people a clear vision. After man fell, God continued to appear to man. In the Garden of Eden He appeared to Adam. Although man fell God still came and sought Him out. He asked Adam, “Adam, where are you?” Perhaps God is still asking you today, “Where are you?” Fallen man loves to hide himself. Especially sinners like to hide themselves. But where are you going to hide? No matter where you hide, even if you hide in hell, God can still seek you out. You cannot hide from Him. Psalm 139 says, no matter where you go, God is there. That is why there is no need to hide. God is living. Right? Don’t wait for Him to look for you. You should volunteer to come and seek after Him. God said He who seeks shall find. That is why we all need to be ones who seek God. Right.

In the Bible Enoch also received God’s appearing. He received the vision that God gave Him from heaven, telling him that judgment would come. God knows everything, so in the beginning, after Adam fell, He knew judgment would come during the age of Noah. That is why God firstly told Enoch that judgment would come. We all need such a vision, right. God wants to judge mankind. But before He does so, He gives man a warning. So at the time of Enoch, He told Enoch that judgment was about to come. So Enoch named his son, Methuselah. And the meaning of that name is that on the day that he would die, the judgment would come. Enoch received this vision, and then he walked with God. Are you not afraid of God and of His judgment? If not, then you will not walk with God. Fallen men are very bold. They are not afraid of God or His judgment. They walk loosely. But when Enoch received this vision and the revelation from God, from that day on he walked with God. That means, he did not disobey the heavenly vision. Don’t think that a vision is only something for you to see, hear and understand. You cannot live your same old life, your life being a mess, without being obedient to the heavenly vision. Many people may be like this. But brothers & sisters, the heavenly vision is for us to obey.

At the time of Noah, God gave another vision, since the time of the flood was about to come, just like here in Bangkok right now. Lord Jesus! You have to be prepared. I don’t know how you make your preparations here in Bangkok. Maybe with sandbags. But if the flood comes and the flood is only 1 meter high, your sandbags may still work. But if the flood is 50 meters high, your sandbags are useless. How will you prepare? You must build the ark. Don’t just fill sandbags. God’s vision to Noah was not to prepare many sandbags, but rather to build an ark. That’s why here in Bangkok, you have to make good preparations in building the ark. This was the vision that God gave to Noah. You see, God’s people need a vision. Without a vision, you will not know what to do. Don’t think, oh, you’re saved and that’s good enough. You still need to know what God wants to do. You need to have a heavenly vision.

At the time of Abraham, God spoke to him. The vision became clearer and clearer. Abraham saw that God not only wants an ark, but God wants a kingdom, a people. And God wants to bring His people into the good land to become God’s kingdom. Also God wanted to reign among them. He wanted to be the King in Jerusalem. This vision became greater and greater. Thank and praise the Lord! God is so willing to reveal His heart’s desire to us. Our God is so great, He is a great, living and speaking God. He is a God who has a plan. That is too glorious. That is why God’s people must have the heavenly vision. With the vision you have to also obey the vision and walk and do according to God’s vision. Otherwise you will not know what God wants to do.

At the time of Moses, God had another vision. At the time of Abraham the vision was for the future. But when the time of Moses came the vision was to be realized. The vision that Moses saw was also very amazing. All the deeds that God did through Moses were great and marvelous. So from generation to generation the vision became clearer and clearer. You have to see it in its entirety, how the vision became greater and clearer and more glorious over time. Additionally, God’s supply also became more plentiful over time. The experience of Moses was much greater, richer and glorious than Abraham’s experience. He brought God’s people out of Egypt. God’s word was very marvelous. There is a vision, God’s words and God’s deeds. God revealed Himself as an almighty God who is able to do all things. He brought His people out of Egypt. They went through the wilderness and in the end they were brought into the good land through Joshua. Thank the Lord. You have to see this, right. Besides in the wilderness, on Mount Sinai, God revealed the commandments to Moses. God revealed the law and the building of the tabernacle to Moses. God’s heart’s desire was revealed. When they entered into the good land through David and Solomon, God revealed all His plans concerning the building of the temple in Jerusalem. The vision became more realistic. Jerusalem, a holy city, appeared. And at the time of Solomon the temple was also built up. You see, God’s vision is very clear. From age to age it became clearer and clearer. Unfortunately, most of God’s people disobeyed God’s vision. They say amen with their mouths, but they do not execute it. They agree verbally to it, but in their hearts they are far from God and they disobey the heavenly vision. Do you want to be such a person?

Then the prophets of the Old Testament appeared. The visions of the prophets were also very clear. Isaiah saw the heavenly vision. He saw the glorious God. And the vision of Ezekiel is very wonderful. This vision of Ezekiel showed the glory of God’s building in the future. If we have an opportunity, we should take a look at this vision of the future. It’s even after God’s people fell and were taken into captivity to Babylon, God still spoke to them even there. God gave Daniel a vision. He showed Daniel that the age of the Gentiles had come. From the kingdom of Babylon until the democratic age today, over 2000 years, this vision has come out. It also speaks about the first coming of our Lord Jesus. Even when the Lord Jesus would come for the first time, this was revealed in a vision to Daniel. Is there another God in this universe that can do such a thing? We see that our God is a God who is, who was and who is to come in eternity. He even knows of the things that will happen in the future. He’s such a glorious God, too, too great. And in the end you also see the vision that Zechariah saw. Zechariah not only spoke of the Lord’s first coming, but the vision that he saw also included the second coming of our Lord Jesus. Do not look down on the Old Testament. Actually this living God already showed forth God’s eternal purpose in the Old Testament from age to age. His entire plan is already revealed. Don’t think that only John saw it in the book of Revelation. The Old Testament prophets, Daniel, Ezekiel, and Isaiah, all saw it very clearly. But the question is, have you seen it? They saw it. Have your seen it? Do we have this heavenly vision today? Don’t think that it’s good enough just to see a little bit. That’s not enough. What God wants to do is too great. A people without a vision will go loose. They are loose in everything they do. Their Christian life is very loose. They do whatever they please. They are presumptuous. Right brothers & sisters?

That is why the first verse we read today was in Proverbs 29:18. Without a vision the people of God go wild. They do whatever they please and are not controlled by the heavenly vision. Within you you do not know what God wants to do. So you do this and do that. You look over here to the east and to the west, you do this and that, but you don’t know what you are doing. That is why there are so many groups today. You do your thing and I do my thing. Everyone does his or her own thing. But what is God doing? What is God’s heart’s desire? Nobody knows. Does that not make God’s people pathetic? Oh, Lord Jesus! Today we need to be a people with a vision. You need to know what God is doing. You have to know the mystery that is hidden in God. You need to have a Spirit of revelation. You need God’s appearing. The New Testament is not just a vision, but God’s Son personally came to this world. But even when the Son of God came the people didn’t even realize it. Tell me, is that not even more pathetic. The Lord came to His people in person. The Word became flesh and dwelled among them, but they still could not see, and did not receive Him and didn’t even realize it. They rejected him. Tell me, isn’t that pathetic? But how are we today? This God dwells in you. This is even more wonderful. 2000 years ago He came among His people and His people did not receive Him. They thought He was just the son of Joseph, a carpenter from Nazareth. They rejected Him and did not listen to Him. But today He lives in you. Do you listen to Him or not? Or do you not bother with Him? Even though He speaks to you, you just ignore it. You do your own thing. He says don’t do it, and yet you do it. You ignore him, and don’t bother with him. You have no ear to hear Him. You disobey Him. Now tell me, who is more pathetic? In the Old Testament age they could at least say God did not come in person. But in the New Testament, the Lord came and He received rejection. And now He has finished redemption has ascended to the heavens and now lives within you. Do you fellowship with Him daily? His Spirit is within us. Yet many people say, “I can’t hear him”. You can only read the Bible but you can’t hear Him who lives within you. Tell me; are we not a pitiful people? We cannot hear and we cannot see. Then what should we do? That is why, brothers & sisters, we need such a conference. This conference is not for us to expound on the Bible. But rather it is for each and every one of us to get to know this living Christ, who is inside of us, that we would be able to hear Him. He wants to speak to you. He wants to give you a vision. Right, brothers & sisters, you see, when we come and read the book of Acts, all the apostles had a vision. They had the leading of the Holy Spirit within. Sometimes they also had the appearing of the Lord to them. Brothers & sisters, the Lord especially appeared to Paul. Not just once, but several times. When he went to Corinth, the Lord appeared to him and said: Fear not, remain here, I have many people in this city. Paul had such an appearing of the Lord, so he remained there. Peter was to open the door to the Gentiles. Peter had the concept of the Jews from the Old Testament. Peter never would have entered a house of a Gentile. So the Lord had to give him a vision. Once, twice was not enough. Peter had to see the vision 3 times in a row before he woke up. We have to be a person with a vision. Now tell me, what does God want you to know today? What does He want you to know? First of all, the most important thing is for you to know Christ. Maybe you think, “Oh, I already believe in the Lord, what else do I need?” To know Christ is not that simple. Even to get to know brother Lei is not that simple. Don’t think you know me, John So. You may know my face, but you do not know my heart. Perhaps the one who knows me best is my wife, because she is together with me every day. Now for you to get to know Christ, do you know how great Christ is? You think you know the savior and that’s good enough. If you know some teachings in the Bible, then you think you know the Lord. If you think just because you have read the Bible for over 40 years you know God, then you are wrong. If you knew Christ, then you wouldn’t be as you are today. A person who truly knows Christ lives out Christ. It’s not about having knowledge and giving a message. Without a vision, without His appearing to you, how will you get to know Him? Paul said, “I want to know Him!” I want to truly know Him! We do not have the eloquence or the words to describe Him, because He is too too great. He is too great. Paul said, “It pleased God to reveal His Son in me.” In Colossians he said, it pleases God to reveal the mystery, which is hidden in God to His people. That is Christ in you, the hope of glory. Do you have the hope of glory? Why are you still complaining that you have such a hard time every day? Daily you have many complaints, lots of murmuring, complaining about this or that. This is not comfortable. That is not good. A person who complains does not know Christ. You don’t have the hope of glory. Many people hope to go to heaven. But heaven is actually inside of you and you don’t even know it. Your heaven is a certain place, but my heaven is a person. George, what is your heaven? Christ is our heaven? Right! Tobi, where are you? In Christ? In Christ! To be in Christ is better than to be in heaven. It’s 1000 times better. But you are complaining while you are in Christ daily? That is not good, this is not good. This is not enough. You are very clear about the doctrine, in Christ you are sufficient, but in reality you are not sufficed. You need to know Christ. Besides you need to know the unsearchable riches of Christ. He is too, too great. There is not a person or a thing that is comparable to Him in this universe. He is too great and too glorious. He is too rich. He is a wonderful Christ. He is a wonderful Christ. That is why the Lord has to enlighten us and open the eyes of our heart, so that we would have revelation. Paul says we need the Spirit of wisdom and revelation to truly know Him. This should be the hope of each and every one of us, especially for those of us in the church. Whether the flood comes to Bangkok or not, it doesn’t really matter. Whether the flood waters come in or not, it doesn’t really matter. Because what we want to gain is Christ. Amen! Right? Perhaps the flood waters come in. Perhaps when the flood waters come, it may cause the hearts of many to turn to the Lord. So then it is good. If the flood doesn’t come that is good. But if it does come and the hearts of the people turn to the Lord, that is also good. When the waters come it gives you an opportunity to tell people about Noah. Otherwise you may not have a chance to preach the gospel concerning Noah. Right? Brothers & sisters, no matter what situation you find yourself in, we have to preach Christ. Thank the Lord, He is within us. Many people do not know Christ. Bangkok is full of idols. It is good for the waters to come in so that all these idols will be washed away! Hallelujah! Right? That is why, brothers & sisters, our views are different from God’s view point. That is why we need to know the Lord. If you are a person who knows the Lord, everything is okay. If there are difficulties, it’s okay, and if not, it is also fine. It is just the same. Many times, when there are difficulties there are more opportunities to get to know Christ. That is why it pleases God to reveal Christ in you. From now on, you have to pray to the Lord daily, give me the heavenly vision. Father, do reveal your son in me. I repent, because I did not grasp the many opportunities. Right? I lost many opportunities to know Christ. From this time forward I want to grasp every opportunity to know and to gain Christ, to see Christ. That is why you can see at the beginning of the New Testament there are four gospels. Why are there four gospels? Isn’t one gospel good enough? How many gospels do you need? 4. Why do we need 4 gospels? Which one do you prefer? John? But John is the fourth gospel! If you think the gospel of John is the best, then why is it the last? Many people don’t like the gospel of Matthew or of Mark. The gospel of Luke is ok, because the stories are special. But everybody knows John 3:16. But God gave us 4 gospels. We need to understand. Our God is too wonderful.

First of all, He includes all the riches of His entire creation. God is creator of heaven and earth. All things are created by Him. Besides this God is a very wonderful God. Man cannot see Him, but His glory is manifested through the things He created. This is what the book of Romans tells us. The invisible God is manifested through creation. That is why the book of Colossians tells us that all things were created in Him, through Him and unto Him. That’s why, to express the glory of God is not a simple thing. You have to understand the universe before you can understand how great God is. Just to know Quinming is not enough to know God’s glory. Even to know all of China is not enough. This earth is not enough. Even the earth together with the atmosphere is not enough. You need the entire universe in order to express the greatness of God. That is why in order to describe the glory of our Lord, we need the 4 gospels. The number 4 in the Bible refers to the world that the Lord created. North, south, east and west. Spring, summer, fall and winter. In some places there is only spring and summer, or rainy season and dry season. Even just to have spring, summer and fall is not enough either. Our Lord Jesus needs to be expressed through the riches of His creation. That is why there are living creatures in the Bible. Whether it is in the Book of Ezekiel, Revelation chapter 4 or Isaiah chapter 6, you can see these 4 living creatures. The time is up. But what you need to know now is that God wants to express His glory. For God to manifest His glory is not a simple thing. May the Lord open the eyes of our heart. May we continue in the next session. Amen.

Meeting 2

Ezek. 1:5, 10; Rev. 4:6-7; Phil. 3:12-15

Thank the Lord. We who believe in the Lord, for us the most important thing is to know Christ. We already mentioned this morning that is not a simple matter to know Christ. It is truly not simple not because our Lord is complicated, but because He is very rich. There are very many aspects that we do not even know of. This world is so big. Do you know everything about it? There is no way to do that. But as Christians we all need a heart’s desire to seek after the Lord. If we do not grasp the opportunity to get to know this Christ in our lifetime, then when the Lord comes back one day we will regret it. You will say, “Oh, I was so foolish. I was so stupid to seek after this and that in my lifetime. And yet I neglected to seek after the most precious thing in the universe.” You will regret, but then it is too late. So I do encourage all of you to be a little wiser today. Do not consider all the other things and matters as so important. I know a few people, who consider education as so high. Others consider money as so high. They consider the things of this world as so important. Man’s ability. They appreciate this person or look up to certain positions in this world. But this living God is real. And what goal He wants to attain to, these people do not care for it. They cannot accomplish it. They may be very educated and are not poor, they have very high positions and are successful in this world. But still they cannot accomplish God’s will. All the things of this world will pass away. If not today, then tomorrow. If you have enough today then that is good enough. What do you need so much for? Man is always greedy. But if you have enough to live on then that is good enough. You need to seek after that which is most important: Our Dear Lord Jesus! He is truly the most precious one. If you seek after other things, one day you will find that they are empty. The Bible tells us that this world and the things of this world will pass away. They will not last forever. Only our Lord, His Word, His will will remain forever. Right, brothers & sisters, I truly hope that the Lord will give us a heart that seeks after Him. Especially the young people here. Lord Jesus. May the Lord have mercy on us. But in order to see something like this, you need a vision. It depends upon what is the most important in your heart. Is your education the most important? Is making money the most important thing for you? That’s not so important. Of course we need it for our living. God would not owe us anything. He knows our needs. That is why the Bible tells us to seek first the kingdom of God. Seek first His righteousness and all the rest will be added to you. It doesn’t mean to say that you will become very rich. Perhaps if you become very wealthy then you will forget the Lord. You will become corrupted and fallen. But the Lord will take care of you. You have to learn to seek after Christ, to know Christ. This is eternal This is eternal You have to gain Him. You have to lay hold of Him. Even though we have, it is though we have not. And if we have not, it is as though we have. It is only for our daily living. In every aspect of the church we have to seek after Christ. A christless church does not work. It’s like you want to do a business but you have no capital. I would not know how to survive without the riches of Christ. The mo st important thing for the church is for the riches of Christ to fill us. The riches of Christ have to be rich daily. He is rich and fresh. The Christ of yesterday is not good enough for today. It doesn’t mean that Christ is not sufficient. He is life and is living. Do you want to eat a doughnut that has been sitting around for one month? The Chinese would say he is an old doughnut. One month ago it may have tasted very good, but one month later this doughnut is not to be enjoyed. Even your dog won’t like it. If your dog could speak, he would say, give me a new one. The Lord is fresh and living and is more glorious as the days go by. That is why, brothers & sisters don’t think that we come here just to gain some knowledge. Get to now Christ in a good way. This Christ is not that simple. We mentioned it this morning why there are four gospels. Why is it so that the Bible tells us that there are four living creatures. There are many living creatures in this universe to manifest the glory of God. Just like the plants. Our Lord Jesus is the tree of life. He is our fine flour. You know how to eat bread, but you don’t know how to eat Christ. The bible tells us that Christ is our meal offering and the food of the priests. The Lord Jesus said that he is the bread from heaven and the true vine. Tell me, is the Lord Jesus not good? You know how to drink water daily. The Lord Jesus is the water of life. You don’t drink you want to drink Coke. It is sugar, dark coloring and some water and this is Coke. This is not healthy. You should learn to drink the water of life. Isn’t that good?

All of Gods creation can manifest him. The face of the Lord Jesus like the sun shining in its fullness. Not like on a cloudy day but it is the sun in the midday. In its brightness. He is the light of life. Without him you would be in darkness. Do you like the day or the darkness? That is why our Lord is too glorious. Why are there the four living creatures to represent our Lord Jesus? These four living creatures are too wonderful The Lord created so many animals. A few are not good. The serpent is not good. That ancient serpent is not good because it refers to Satan. The dragon is also not good – rev. 12, the great, red dragon. In South-East Asia people like the dragon. It represents the asian serpent. All the creeping creatures are not good and all of them have to be under our feet. The scorpion is not good. But a lamb and the sheep is not bad. The Lord shows four animals to represent him. Of course man is something special and not an animal. He was created in God’s image. Among all creatures that God created man is the most important. The one that can really express God’s glory is man. He is so wise, he is intelligent, has love and character. He is truly somewhat like God because God created man in his image. He is the most beautiful among the creature. Man is placed is in the front of the four living creatures.

That is why in Hes. 1 the creatures are in the likeness of man. This type of angels, the cherubim, are for God’s glory. So they are described in Hes. 1 as having the likness of man because man is the most important to express God’s glory. And among all the animals the lion is king of the animal kingdom. That is why our Lord Jesus is the lion of Juda. He came to be the king. The lion ranks the first as the king among all animals. Concerning the other animals the ox is the most important. He is there to serve, to farm, to till the soil and to labor. He is the most ability to labor. Not like a donkey. because even if you spank a donkey he will not listen to you. But the ox is very obedient and willing to work and labor. This typifies our Lord Jesus as the true servant of God who is only there to serve God. That is why there the ox is an image of our Lord Jesus. Then you have the birds. Among the birds in the air, who is the greatest? That’s the eagle. The eagle represents God who is in heaven. That is why God said: He brought his people out of Egypt mounted on wings of eagle. So the eagle represents the almighty God. God is too wonderful in the Bible. God shows these four living creatures to express the glory of God in Christ Jesus. That is why for you to know Christ is not that simple. It is not that easy although it is very glorious.

Jesus – the true man

The cherubim they have a face of a man, the right side the lion, the left an ox, the face of the eagle on the back. Why is the face of the eagle in the back. How would you arrange the faces? The eagle on the front and the man in the back. This is man’s concept. You would put the eagle in the front, the lion on the side and the face of man in the back. But God did it the other way round. This is God’s way. Because God is not visible in this universe. He is always hidden. To see God is very difficult for fallen man. That is why the Bible says that no one has ever seen God. Now if he is hidden how can you see him? You have to see him through man. But through what kind of a man? Jesus. As he said: when you see me then you see the father. Do you dare to say that? We don’t dare to say that. There is one man without sin and full of grace and glory. He is full of the reality of God. His birth was by the power of the Holy Spirit. He is the manifestation of God. That is why the Lord Jesus is that man. In order to know our Lord we should only know his divinity but you have to appreciate and treasure his humanity.

Unfortunately we feel many times very good. I am very capable, good and knowledgeable. We always say: I, me and myself. A person who always says, I did this and that – definitely does not have the humanity of Jesus Christ. If you do not realize how fallen your humanity is that even the worms will grow out of it. Once you die the worms would come out of your flesh. Right now you do not see the worms but when you die they will come. Actually the worms are within you. All the eggs of the worms are within you. This is not a joke. Man is fallen and has a sinful nature within him. If you do not realize this you will not appreciate the humanity of Jesus Christ. Perhaps you know a lot of teachings but you do not eat of him. Many say: It the Lord. Is your Lord eatable? Some may say then: it the word. How do you eat his word? But what is the word, what does it refer to? Why did the Lord say, this is my flesh? If you do not eat the humanity of the Lord what are you going to eat? That is why our Lord Jesus Christ is our meal offering. He is that fine flour, mingled with the oil of the Holy Spirit. And he went through many sufferings and difficulties. He was baked into this bread for you to eat. Why do you come to the Lord’s table every week? Does that bread not represent the body of Christ? And what does the body of Christ represent? Does that not represent his humanity? Don’t just give teachings, it is useless if you do this all the time. Eat the Lord and enjoy the Lord’s humanity. Only our Lord did not see corruption because he alone is holy and did not see sin. Since he was without sin he did not see corruption. I am fallen man and within 30 hours I will start to become stinky after I die. Don’t think you are very fragrant. Even with a lot of perfume you still stink. I am not scolding you but I am scolding my own flesh. Do you know the humanity of Christ? You say, O I believe in the Lord. But I will ask you, what are enjoying? Do you have the sweet savor of the Lord? You have believed in the Lord for so many years but you are still so stinky. I am sorry to say this. Don’t laugh, if you laugh you should laugh at yourself. That is why we say to know Christ is not a simple thing. Get to know him in a good way. O Lord, you are that man expressing the glory of God. We have believed in the Lord and we are born again and life is within is but why cannot we not express the glorious God? Because this fallen and corrupt self and the flesh has no way to express the glory of god. O Lord Jesus, have mercy on us! We have to enjoy the humanity of Christ in a good way. We have to consider it in a good way.

And then there is another type of angels which also has four faces. This is mentioned in Revelation 4. and also in Isa. 6. The seraphims. The wonderful thing is when they are described, what is the first face? You already forgot it. The first one is that of a lion. This is the arrangement of the four gospels is according to the face of the seraphim. That is why we should not read the bible loosely and say: Four faces are four faces. Who cares which face is first? You think it doesn’t matter in which way they are arranged but it matters. When we speak of the glory of God man has to be in front. But when it comes to his holy will, what he wants to accomplish in his plan, the lion has to be in the forefront. God’s kingdom has to be first. That is why the gospel of the kingdom is first. Our Lord Jesus is the King of kings and the Lord of lords. The psalms tell us that he is the king of the whole world and all nations. In Rev. 15 it tells us, he is the king of the whole world. And some translation say that he is the King of the saints.

You can only know one savior. That is not bad. But is he the king within you? This is worth asking. Because in order to accomplish God’s will you have to know the Lord as the king. You have to give him all honor and glory and the position. Give him all obedience. Submit to him, this is the most important. When we pray we like to say that all honor and glory be unto him. We like to pray in such a way. But in your living all the honor and glory goes to you. Your prayer sounds very good but in real life the glory goes to you. If man does not respect you, you get offended. Something is done and you are not happy with it you get a long face. When you serve and people say a few things about it you are not happy. He is our king. But not only ours. He is the king of the entire world. He is the one seated on the throne. This is already mentioned many times in the book of psalms. He is the king of the whole universe. Now in the church, who is king? In your family who is king? Brother or sister? Whose word counts? The Americans will say who is wearing the pants? Who is the head? God has set Christ to be head over all things to the church. He is our Lord. The church is his kingdom. Today we are here in the church. This is a different and heavenly kingdom. The church is the kingdom of the heavens. In this kingdom the most important is our king. That is why in book of Revelation you see that he is the lion of David. The face of a lion comes forth. Actually in the book of Matthew it says from the beginning that our Lord Jesus is the seed of David. That is his name. This is a special name. That is why it is mentioned many times in Matthew: Son of David have mercy on us. Do you appreciate this? When you pray, did you ever pray: o Son of David? What is the son of David there to do? He is seated on the throne to be king. First of all he has to be our king. It is unfortunate the Jews rejected the king. How about you? Everyone wants a savior. You want him to be your savior but not your king? Do you want him as the savior? Of course, nobody wants to go to hell. It is fine that he is your savior. You are justified by grace. Do you want him to be your king? I don’t quite believe that. You want him to be king in your heart. That depends on whether you listen to him. If you don’t listen to him but how can he be king. If no one listens to you at home how can you be the king at home? As parents we know that when the children grow older they don’t want to listen to you anymore. You may say something but they think that they know better than you. What will you do? We all need to realize that Christ is our king. This is not a doctrinal knowledge. He is the king of the church and head over all things.

If we do not accept his authority then there is no way for you to experience that all things are under his feet. Many time in the past I said: Lord, Eph. 1 says that you are on the throne. You are far above all principalities and powers and all things are under your feet but Lord, how come I don’t experience this? Then I asked him and negotiated with him. Is your word real or fake? Is it true or false? If it is true how come I cannot experience it? In the end I understood that first of all I have to submit myself under his feet. If I do not submit myself under his authority how can experience that all things are under his feet. Don’t think that the devil is stupid. He will say I know Jesus, and Paul but who are you? If you just give the teachings it’s useless. But if you are a person who truly knows that Christ is your king and you submit to him and you keep his authority, then you can truly experience him and his authority. That is why it is not a question of position. We speak about the heavenly vision and you need to know that our Lord is too wonderful. This king, although he came to be king, Sach. 9 tells us that he condescended, he came down and brought salvation.

The Chinese like to say if you accept me I will your ox and your horse to work for you. It is not good to be a horse but an ox. A true servant of God is just one that is our Lord Jesus. You have to know our Lord. You have to know our Lord that he is the true servant of God. Don’t think that this brother is a servant. Are you a servant who is well pleasing to God? If it is not Christ in you who does it, that is not good. That will not please God. You have to know him who has the face of an ox. Are you serving God or is God serving you? Are you serving the Lord or is the Lord serving you? Men like to say: I serve the Lord. The secret to serve the Lord is to allow the Lord to serve you. You don’t believe me? Who serves whom in your house? Do you serve your parents or do your parents serve you? One day when your child is born who is to serve? You serve the baby or the baby serves you? I have to serve the baby. After you are born again you want to serve the Lord or does the Lord serve you? If it is not like this no wonder it is big mess. There are dippers all over the place! Isn’t that the case? The more we do the worse it gets because we do not realize that the true servant is our Lord. You don’t know him who has the face of an ox. The Lord Jesus you know does not have the face of an ox. We are lacking that face. How are you going to know the Lord? Why did the Lord give us the four gospels? Mark tells us that the Lord is the ox who came down to serve us and labor on the land. He came down by himself and did the work. And how do we serve? We only direct people. Hey, you are going to arrange chairs and you do this kind of work. This is our service. We are not willing to be an ox. The life that we received within us is the life of an ox.

There is also a kingly life within us but today you should not be king. Don’t get that mixed up. If you want to be king today, you will be locked up by the government. In the church today it is not your turn to be king but it is your turn to be an ox. Especially the serving brothers need this. If someone asks you: What do you do in the church? O I am an elder. Don’t say that – my hair stands up. You have to say I am an ox in the church. Nobody wants to say that. That is why if we talk about these three points we already fail. May the Lord give us the heavenly vision and that he will reveal his son in us.

Meeting 3

Eph. 3:8; Col. 1:12, 18-19; 2:2-3, 17

Things that are not so precious you see everywhere. In the four gospels, only John says that none has see God. It is not easy to see God. Yet God was expressed through Jesus Christ. He is the manifestation of the invisible God. He is God Himself. Don’t think He is only the son of God. He is also God Himself. It is not that simple. Also in John the Lord Jesus said, if you see me, you see the Father. Also in John the Lord Jesus said, I and the Father are one. At the beginning of John it says that in the beginning was the Word and the Word was God. Our Lord Jesus is God. What did Thomas say when He saw the Lord: My Lord and my God! Although He is God, what is the main stress of the Gospel of John? It is God Himself who wants to be our life. When we speak of God, we are speaking of an objective God but this God wants to be our life. In Genesis 1 and 2 you see the tree of life. It speaks of the Lord Jesus being God. All things are created by Him. Not one create was not created by Him. He is the creator of heaven and earth. Our Lord Jesus is so great. If you mention the word “God” there is no way to describe how great He is. The most important thing is that life is in Him. This great God wants to become my life. Life is too important. Don’t just say in a simple way: The Lord is my life, as if it were so cheap and simple. When you say, Christ is your life, it means that He is everything to you. He is your all. Look at your life. Your life is the most precious thing. It is your all. If life is gone, it stops, that you are over. Everything will cease. Thus you need to know that God wants to be our life. Often we speak about life and we don’t know what we talk about. We like to talk about it as a thing. We like to talk about it much but in the end there is no life. You have to treasure life because this life is God Himself. This life is our Lord Jesus Christ. Only in John the Lord says, I am the life. This life is a resurrected life. It went through death. God is not an objective thing. He wants to have a relationship of life with us. He is the water of life. You have to come to Him to drink. You know John 4? If you knew who I am, you would ask me and I would give you the water of life. God wants to be the living water for you. He wants to become a spring in you. He is the bread of life and the breath of life. Everything is life. Just in the gospel of John the Lord Jesus mentioned about being born again. You must realize this point. When we speak about this glorious God, He is living and wants to become man’s life and enter us. He wants to be our life supply. We must know the hidden face of the eagle. It is not easy to see. Someone asks you, where is God, can you say, He lives in me? Hopefully we can say one day, when you see me, you can see this living God. Today He is our life. We must know the 4 faces of Christ. This is not a matter of doctrine but must be our experience. The Lord Jesus is our king. This is also a gospel. He is the king of the universe, the king of the whole world, king of all nations, king of the saints, the king of kings. You have to know this. This is the gospel. This universe needs a king to rule over all things. This is the gospel. Without Him this world is chaotic. IF you want peace in this world, then you need the King of peace. Otherwise this world will be full of war. If we don’t have this king in the church we have fighting and division. Not only fighting in the world, but even in the church. Why? Because you don’t know Him as your King. Our Lord Jesus is our glorious king. If you read the Psalms, He is the glorious King. You have to know Him. He is the ox. Don’t think it is simple. Enjoy Him as the only servant sent by God. He is the most faithful servant. Don’t keep saying I want to serve Him. Jesus says, I came to this world not to be served but to serve. Do you want to serve Him or do you want to be served by Him. What is better? You would say, you are always speaking in contraries. Go serve God, but I want Him to serve me. Because I need His service, I need His help and supply, I need His salvation, and this and that. Don’t you need Him? Do you serve Him or do you serve Him more? Can you help Him? Each day, are you helping the Lord, or is He helping you. Who is serving whom? You do not know the Lord Jesus as this ox. This Christ is too glorious. He is also a man. A real man. We are all fallen men. He alone is the glorious man. He is seated in the heavens. He is perfect. I don’t have the words to describe Him. We must know such a gospel. He has the face of the lion, the ox, the man and the face of God. Our Lord is so balanced. You must know Him in such a balanced way. You need such a vision. This is what the 4 gospels show us.

Let us see Christ in the epistles. It is more precious and richer and thorough. He thoroughly expressed the 4 faces. When we speak of the 4 faces we speak of it in a simple. But to enter into the full aspects of Christ, you must enter into Christ in the epistles. He is seated on the throne. Ephesians 1 describes the ascended Christ, far above all. In the 4 gospels you don’t see it so clearly, but when you real Paul’s epistles, he really knew this Christ. Everything is under His feet. He is the head over all things. He is the head of the angels. The devil has to listen to him. The powers of darkness are afraid of Him. All powers have to listen to Him. In the end all this in this universe all things will be headed up in Christ. In the gospels you see the lion, but you must know this king of kings and Lord of lords. Today He is the head of the church. Too wonderful. But the church doesn’t want Him to be the head. They want to pope to be the head, a man to manage. They don’t want Christ to manage. Can you manage well? If it were to be to manage the church, the church would be in trouble. I have seen men managing the church and in the end the entire church collapsed. Don’t think we are so capable. Our Lord Jesus is the most capable one, the wisest. He is full of authority. Don’t think there is one man that is wiser than Him. We are not that capable. We have to allow Him to rule. Don’t think this is simple. Even a small church has many problems. If the church has 1 person, the church has 10 problems. If there are 10 people, there will be 1000 problems. Isn’t that the case? Can you manage? I have seen men trying to be the head. Don’t think that man is every capable to manage. In the world, don’t they kill each other? Which kings doesn’t kill others? Don’t think there are special people able to manage. There is no one. The last king will be the world. The Bible calls him the beast. You should not be managing. Let the Lord do His work. He has the ability. He also has the humanity and he also has the wisdom. He knows all things and all things are created by him. He is omniscient. He knows all things. Often times I have to shake my head. You might think that you know, but in the end you do not know. What do you know? Do you know the heart of men? At the university, there is psychology and the more you study of this, the more confused you get. Don’t think that if you graduate with a degree in psychology, you will understand the psychology of men. Better that you don’t study this. After studying this, in the end you do not understand. Only God can see through the hearts of men. Only our Lord Jesus has this ability. We also read in Colossians chapter 2:3. What does it say? In whom are hidden all things of wisdom and knowledge. You have to remember that all wisdom and knowledge are hidden in him. How high and how great is your wisdom? I have seen recently there was a young brother went to study a very famous university and he thought he was so great. He went around criticizing the brothers and sisters, thinking that he is studying in a certain university and he is so great. Brothers and sisters showed me the letters he wrote to them and I said, I don’t want to read them. Lord Jesus. Men should not be that proud. What do we know? How high is your wisdom? You don’t even know your own heart. Isn’t that the case? That is why you have to read the Christ in the epistle. His humanity is truly perfect. The epistles tell me that our Lord Jesus has such a wisdom that is unsearchable. His knowledge is more than the sand on the beach. David described it that His thoughts are much more than the sand on the beach. Before even saying something He already knows what you want to say, what you are thinking about. You may be smiling on your face, and He knows the story behind it. He even knows what will happen tomorrow who can be compared to Him? I don’t care which university you may study, but after you graduate, you are still so tiny. You want to be great. How great can you get? That is why in the church if you don’t allow him to be the head, then who should be the head? If there is a problem in the church, how can solve the problem? Who has the wisdom, the knowledge, and who knows? Isn’t that right? That is why Paul said, in the church, Christ is all and in all. What do you need? He is that what you need. Do you have the love to love all the saints in the church? I admit, I don’t have it. I love the loveable ones. Those who are not loveable, I wouldn’t love them. Let me ask you, are you so loveable? You should ask the saints, am I so loveable? Especially the responsible brothers, you should ask the saints, am I so loveable? If you are not so loveable, who will then love you? Only the Lord will love you. Who is loveable in the church? If you do not allow the Lord to build the church, do you have the ability? Do you have the patience? The church needs patience. If you don’t have patience, there will be fights. Can you build the church without patience? My patience is only up to my neck. Once, twice or third time, is it fine. But on the 4th time, my patience is out. Peter asked, Lord if I forgive 7 times, is that good enough? He thought it was good enough! Lord Jesus. We do not have the ability. That is why you need to know the humanity of Christ. It is described in the epistles that he is meek and has compassion. All this is in Christ. Love is also in Christ. Righteousness, so is peace. He is our peace. Holiness, sanctification is also in Him. Everything is in Him. Without Him you cannot make it. You have now way. Brothers and sisters don’t think that we are just giving some messages. When I was young, I would give you many methods. But today, I have no methods. I truly have no way. Only Christ is our way and method. If you know him, you have a method. If you don’t, then you have no method. If he is in you, then you have a way. But if He hides Himself from you, then you have no way. In the last days, this is what God wants us to realize. It is useless for you to understand all the knowledge. This is not much use. It is not totally useless but this is not enough. You need to know the Christ, then it is of use.

Let’s come take a look at the outline. The words in the outline are too small. We have to enlarge this. Just like our Christ, we have to enlarge Him. In the gospel, this is not just that Christ has died for us. This is only the beginning. The gospel that Paul preached is the unsearchable of Christ. You might think that you know it, but if you consider it more, you will realize that you don’t know much. Only those who know the half truth think that they know all things. A true scientist, the more he discovers, the more he realizes that he knows very little. What do you discover in the end? Oh, that they don’t know anything. They might think that they have discovered some important principles in physic, but in the end, they realize that they don’t know anything. In the end, they will meet god. If you don’t know him, what do you know? Hebrews tells us that all things that you see came out of nothing. So if you know discovering, in the end you will find out, that it is empty, it is nothing. So if you don’t know this god, you actually know nothing. You spend so much money and you make so many things. In Europe, the greatest thing that was built up, I don’t know how much they spent. Yet in the end, they realized that they didn’t know anything. This is man’s greatest discovery, that man does not know anything. Lord Jesus. That is why you have to know this living God. He is unsearchable. The unsearchable riches of Christ. This is the true gospel. This is truly so. We need to see this. Paul discovered that this Christ is the most precious one. Let’s take a look. Of course because of time, we cannot dig out every single point. But you have to go deeper. There is no way for the conference to dig so deeply, but I encourage you to dig out all the riches of Christ daily, bit by bit. There is a treasure chest in the bible. You gradually, day by day and bit by bit discover Christ. The more you discover the more you realize that you do not know him. He is too great, too wonderful. Truly so. Today we all need such a prayer, Lord, I want to know You. Let’s take a look at it at the simple way. He is the substance of all spiritual things in the scriptural. Everything that is mentioned in the scripture is but a shadow, but the substance is of Christ. Whether it is in the old or New Testament, you have to touch the reality. You have to get the real thing. That is why you see that Christ is so rich. I hope that the brothers and sisters, especially the young ones, we all have such a desire in our hearts to see after Christ. This is too wonderful. Point 2, what did Paul say? Let’s take a look, Colossian 1:19 “ for it pleased the father…” nobody understands this word. I don’t understand it either. Why? Do you understand all the fullness? How great is this fullness? That is why I say nobody understands this. One day when you see Paul, you should ask him, what do you mean by this? You may read it back and forth, but you will not understand it. In Christ, all the fullness should dwell. How do you understand this? How much does this one verse encompass all the fullness? Why is this the case? Because all the things in the universe come out of Him. So if you put together all the fullness of the universe and add this and that, this is Christ. Even if you ask the mathematician he will not be able to add this together. Don’t think that you know Christ? You only know Him a tiny bit. Why do I say this? May the Lord have mercy on us, that our hearts would be moved, and motivated to say to the Lord, Lord I want to know you. I live my life on this earth to know You. You may know many things but if you don’t know Christ you are pathetic. All the fullness dwells in Him. This is too, too great. Good if you understand it, but if you don’t, then it is also fine. But you need to see that this Christ is so wonderful. Let us skip to point 6. The fullness of the Godhead. This word is also hard to understand. What is this? The fullness of the Godhead. Truly God is greater than the universe. Is the universe great or is God greater? Not only the fullness of the created universe dwell in Him, now Paul said, now even the fullness of the Godhead dwells in Him bodily. I have no way to describe this. Do you have a way? I don’t have a way to describe this. But tonight you need to know that Christ is so great. It is not simple to understand this glorious Christ. Let’s go on. The treasure of all wisdom and treasure dwell in Him. This we could understand it a little bit more. All the problems among people and God’s purpose in this universe, and all the mystery of this universe. What we know is only just a tiny bit. Man’s life. You are a living person, you are a man and you have man’s life. But how much do you know about this life? I don’t know much! You don’t even know about your own life. Even if you think about it and consider and search in the internet, there is still no answer. So what do you and I know? Do you have that knowledge? Do you have that wisdom? There are so many problems in the world. How come there is no one who can solve this problem? Who can solve the problem in the Middle East or in Jerusalem? Even the flood in Bangkok, who can solve that problem? Let’s not talk about other things! Who has the ability to stop the wind and the storm and the waves? Do you have the ability and wisdom? Who will obey you? Will the water listen to you? Hey, don’t come into Bangkok! Just say one word and the water will stop? Do you have this ability? But our Lord Jesus has this ability. Do we know this Christ? Do not think that we know Him. What we know is way too little. What the so called science that we know about is only skin deep. It seems like we know a lot but in the truth, we only know so little. Lord Jesus. May the Lord have mercy on us. All the treasures of knowledge and wisdom are hidden in Him. Up until today science is so advance yet science cannot make someone alive again. Who has this ability? No one. But our Lord Jesus does. Lazarus, come forth, and he walks out. Can science explain this? Who has this wisdom and capability? Who has this knowledge and who can explain this? No one can explain this. Yet Paul can write this sentence “in whom …all treasures dwell”. If this is the case, for all problems of the church if you don’t go to Him, how can you solve this? You can only give some teachings or fight about some interpretations. What benefits is this fighting? It is better to go to this glorious Christ. His humanity is above all. Did not God say, “My ways are higher than yours and My thoughts are higher than yours”?

Let’s go on to see. Besides, this Christ is our portion today. You don’t know even know how rich you are. You know nothing! We have such a rich Christ and we don’t even know! That is why we are saying everyday that we have so many problems. Let’s not say too much. But you have to seek after Him in a good way. Don’t keep saying, oh I want to listen to the message. Don’t listen to the messages, but go seek Him. Tell Him “Lord, appear to me”. There are many things that I don’t understand, but Lord, please appear to me and open the eyes of my heart. And do give me a heavenly understand and the heavenly vision. To pray in such a way is still not enough. Our Lord is very practical. If you don’t have the intention to live Him or you do not have the heart to live Him out, why should He appear to you? He will not appear to you. Why does the Lord appear to Paul? Because He was one who sought God. He wanted to know Christ. How is this God? How can I get to know Him? He also wanted to know Christ thoroughly. Not that he wants to know all doctrines and has a big head. No, he wanted to live our Christ. He said, for me to live is Christ. He does not want to be a theologian, but he wanted to live out Christ. If you are such a person and you have such a heart, then God, our Lord Jesus will appear to you. He would appear to you. It is not for your own sake, but it is for His will, for His eternal purpose, for His building up of the church. It is not for your curiosity sake.

Meeting 4

Heb. 7:1-3, 11, 25, 27; 8:1-2; Rev. 1:12-20; 5:1-8

May the father continue to give us the Spirit of wisdom and revelation to reveal his Son to us. We should not think that it is enough to understand. Many people may understand but when they go home they are still the same. We need revelation and to see the vision. If someone will just explain it to you and you will say, Yes I understood. But after you go home you are still the same old dude. That is useless. That is why the Lord Jesus told Peter that it is not flesh and blood that revealed it to you. But it is my father in heaven who gave you the revelation. We need a real seeing within us. If you have seen it no one can deceive you anymore. Even though someone very eloquent may come and speak to you things which are very reasonable and logical but he cannot change your mind because you have seen with your own eyes. Otherwise another capable person will come and talk to you and then you will change your mind. I have seen a lot of this. Many agreed with Christ and the Church and said Amen. But when troubles came they threw it all out the window. So you need to see the heavenly vision. You need the heavenly father to give you revelation. What we share will help you but it is limited. When you go home you need to pray: Father, give me revelation that I can see very clearly within. You cannot see from man but you have to see the revelation from the father. After you have seen no one can change your mind. No one can change what you have seen. When you go home you all have to go before the Lord in a good way and allow the Holy Spirit to show that this is truly it. You must really see the heavenly vision. Then no matter what difficulty you will go through there is no way for you to disobey the heavenly vision.

The main thing for us to see in the Bible is this Christ. And we should see him clearer, richer and always get a higher vision. Our Lord Jesus has the breadth, width, height and depth. In the beginning it is still a small vision. How high, broad, long and deep is it? I have been to China a few times but still I do not know the length, height, breadth and width of China. If I were to live there for 20 years I would know it a little bit. If the brother had asked me: Do you know Beijing? Yes I have been there but in fact I do not really know much of it. You cannot say that I have not been in Beijing. But I do not know it very much. Do you know Christ? O yes, I have believed in the Lord. I agree that you know Him but I am afraid what you know is about one inch high and half an inch deep and two inches in length and I don’t know about the width. Perhaps you did not yet touch the width and the depth of Christ. Do not think that when we speak in such a way that we look down on the brothers and sisters. We truly do not understand much of Christ. Do not think that the Pharisees and Scribes knew the Lord Jesus Christ. When the Lord was among them they did not know him at all. They knew much of the Scriptures but when Christ came before them, they asked, who is this man? That is why you have to understand that the revelation of Christ is progressive. If you know him only according to the gospels that is not sufficient. Many read the gospels and know that he died for them and if they believe they are saved and go to heaven. That is all they know. They don’t know the mystery of life. He is a King. What kind of king is he? What does he want to do? He wants to build up the kingdom of heavens. You think it is just heaven but it’s not that at all. What you call heaven is just a fairy tale and not God’s Word. What God wants to build is the kingdom of the heavens and not heaven. The kingdom of the heavens is just the church today. This is the gospel of the kingdom of the heavens. The first gospel that the Lord Jesus preached and also John the Baptist and the Lord’s disciples is to enter into the kingdom. You only talk about going to heaven but they about the kingdom. Is it the same? No it is the difference like heaven and earth. Do not think that we are talking about man’s thought. We have to acknowledge that we do not know anything. The gospel of Matthew is telling us that he is the King. He rode on the donkey while entering Jerusalem. He was not riding on an ox. Everybody said that He is the King. What kind of a king? Do not think that the Lord Jesus will ride on a donkey every day. That was only one time. He might not do it again but when he comes down from heaven he will ride on a white horse and not on a donkey. What kind of king is he? He came as a lowly king to humble himself. But when he comes again he will no longer be such a king. He will have a two-edged sword in his mouth and have eyes like fire. His name will be King of kings and Lord of lords. He will also not be crucified again but he would slay the enemy and all the armies of the world. Is that the same as his first coming? Do not think that he will come as the first time. Do not think that Christ is Christ. The first time he came to be killed but the second time he comes to kill! Is that the same? You should not think that Christ is just Christ and that he is always the same. Your knowing of Christ has to become clearer and richer as the days go by. Your experience of Christ has to become richer and richer. There is much we have not seen and much we do not know. Even if you know it is only this deep or shallow. Do you know the love of Christ? Do you know that his love exceeds all knowledge? It exceeds what man can fathom. The love that caused him to die on the cross for you and me is a high manifestation of his love. But you don’t know the depth and height of it. In Hebrews his love will also come to chasten you. I have seen the love of many brothers and sisters. It is a love without discipline. Everything is ok and the brother was loved by him to death. The love becomes a damage. That is why we need the Lord’s mercy. Our knowing of the Lord has to be more and more thorough. Otherwise your life would remain the same level. But life cannot be stagnate. Life has to continue to grow. If you do not continue to grow then there is no way. That is why you see in the gospel of Matthew that the Lord Jesus is the king. What kind of a king is he`? He firstly went thought death and resurrection and seated at the right hand of God. He ascended to the throne and is far above all. Let’s read that. Although we all know but it say in the very end of Matthew 28:18 all power and authority in heaven and on earth has been given to him. This word is already quite wonderful but in Ephesus 1 it is even more wonderful. Verse 20 of Ephesians 1 says

God worked in Christ when he raised him from the dead and seated him at the right hand at the heavenly places and far above all principality and power and might and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this age but also in that which is to come. And he put all things under His feet, and gave Him to be head over all things to the church. (Eph. 1:20)

Do you see this? Thank the Lord. This is too wonderful. But you may think that he is already seated in the heavens and far above all. But why is it such a big mess in the world. Why is the government in Bangkok so messy? Is it better in Malaysia or Philippines? Do not think it is better in the USA. It maybe looks a little better outwardly. So what is the Lord waiting for while he sits on the throne? Why does he not just sit there and starts ruling? What is he waiting for? He is waiting for the church! He does not want to reign by himself. He is given as the head over all things to the church. The church is his body and is connected to the Head. So if the church would not submit to the head he would still have to wait. That is why Eph. 4:15 tells us that we have to grow up into him. That we may grow up in all things into Him who is the head – Christ.

This process is not simple. You want to join this head unto this body. Is this a simple matter? Do you think it is easy? That each member would be joined unto the head, this is not simple at all! Look at your daily living. Are you joined unto the head in all things? The head says get up but you say – Sorry, Lord, I still have to sleep for another five minutes. This is disobedience. In our daily living each member of the body is not connected on the head. Then tell me, how will the one who is seated on the throne conquer all the nations? If I were the Thai government and the Lord Jesus would come to rule over my country. You know what I would tell him? You should first go and rule over your own body. Don’t come to rule over us first. If you are fighting with your wife and your children are disobedient and you would come and try to manage my family wouldn’t you say No to that? What would the Lord Jesus have to say? He would have nothing to say. Don’t think: o He is King. Hallelujah! It is not that simple. He is the head of the church and head over all things but no one wants to listen to him. But we even want to replace him and several brothers want to be the head. What is this king going to do? That is why if you say – thank you Lord, you are the king – how would the Lord feel? No one listens to him. That is why when you go on to read the epistles you have to say: Lord I want to hear your word. We are willing to submit to your authority. If we all obey and listen to him then the judgment day will come. So if you ask? Lord what are you waiting for? Come quickly! If he were to come quickly where does judgment begin? In the house of God. So do you want him to come quickly or will you pray – Lord, come slowly? That is why Ephesians 1:10 says that in the dispensation of the fullness of the times He might gather together in one all things in Christ, both which are in heaven and are on earth – in Him. It is truly so. Paul said until your obedience is perfect then the Lord would come and take care of all things and bring all nations into submission. This is very normal. Do not think that our God is just God and can do whatever he pleases. This is your concept and viewpoint. Our God does not do things randomly he is not that loose. The question today is whether he would be able to gain a group of people who fully follows the Lamb wherever he goes and whatever he is going to say, Lord, I am willing, I want to obey? It is not that the Lord does not speak but it is that you and I don’t submit to him. If you and I do not obey what shall he say? If I know that someone will not do what I say, I will not say anything. That is why today although the Lord Jesus is seated on the throne it still looks like that today.

Ps. 110 is a psalm of David. David is a big prophet. He was not only a great king but also a great prophet. Very few people would say ″the prophet David″ but ″king David″. But in actuality David is a greater prophet than any of the prophets. His prophecies concerning the Lord Jesus are way too much. He prophesied that Christ will ascend to the heaven and be enthroned. Will it be easy for God’s enemy to become a footstool of Christ? It is very easy. One puff and in one hundred of a second the devil would be there. This is a way to easy! So what is the Lord waiting for us. Let’s read Psalm 110 verse 4.

4 The LORD has sworn and will not [e]change His mind,
“You are a priest forever
According to the order of Melchizedek.”

The point that the Lord is made King is not an easy thing. It could have been an easy thing if he slay all the nations by himself. He had brought the children of the Israel out of Egypt into the Good Land and conquered it. The walls of Jericho tumbled down. It was easy for the Lord to do so. Gideon also won the victory very easily. The enemies just killed themselves he even did not have to fight. God told him that he will defeat the enemy by a piece of bread not by weapons. When I read this I laughed. God is not using a weapon but a piece of bread to fight. Is it not very easy for God to deal with his enemies? It is too simple.

But in Psalm 110 there are two aspects. Towards the nations he would become King. If it were for him just to deal with his enemies that would be an easy thing. But he wants us to be with him in glory. That is why in the 2nd part of Psalm 110 he is the priest forever according to the order of Melchizedek. That is why we read it today. What we have to know this king. He is not only the King over all the nations but much more over the church. But towards the church as the King he is not using his big and great authority to rule over us but he is doing it according to the order of Melchizedek. This means by the supply of his life. If you supply life you would still have to eat. I have a little granddaughter with a big head. If she doesn’t want to eat she will not eat. She says not: No thank you. But just: No! The food goes to her mouth but she closes her mouth and says: No. Nobody could do anything, neither grandfather, nor father. When I saw that I said: we are just like that. I said: Wow, that is how stubborn we are towards the Lord. We say – No, and we just don’t want it. And we still want to fight with this little girl and we cannot win against her. It is so strange that this old grandpa can’t win against her. But towards the 3 ½ year old girl you have no way, neither the parents nor the grandparents. Towards the church our Lord is also the King but he is a honorable King and Priest, a priestly King. He is a very special King. Does the church want to listen to him? He does not force you. Besides as a priest he is not only just a priest but a special kind of priest. A priest according to the order of Melchizedek. He is also the offering. Aaron could not do that. He could only get a goat. You know it is easy to sacrifice others. If I were a priest I would come and slay the sheep. That is easy. But how would it be if you were a priest and you had to put yourself on the altar and be slayed? If that is the case do you want to be the priest? He is the priest and the offering itself. Nobody would like to do that. Even if you want to do it you are not qualified because you are full of sin and sicknesses. You have so many problems in yourself. How could you be qualified to be an offering? Let’s read again- Heb. 7:26

26 „For it was fitting for us to have such a high priest, holy, innocent, undefiled, separated from sinners and exalted above the heavens“

This priest is so holy without guile. He is far from sin, above heavens, he is perfect. Only he is the true offering and true sacrifice. You have to appreciate such a High Priest who is also the only sacrifice. He is both the King and the sacrifice. If you were the King would you be willing to sacrifice yourself? Our Christ is too wonderful. In the end he was willing to sacrifice himself. He made himself the sacrifice and offered it up to God.

He also has the ability to save us to the uttermost. Hebrews says that he can save to the uttermost those who come to God through Him. Let me ask you? Are you saved? Brother, are you saved to the uttermost? You don’t know that is not a good thing. Ok, if you don’t know. Do you ask him daily? Lord, come and save me to the uttermost! In my heart, my mind and my daily living. There are still fallen areas and bad habits. I still love the world, love myself, deceive others, take advantage of others, there is greed, my thoughts would wander and there is still the flesh. Lord, you told me that you can save me to the uttermost, I want to experience this! Do you have such a prayer? If not how is going to save you to the uttermost? The more a person experiences his salvation the more he will be reigning in you. Otherwise there is no way for him to reign in you. You are your own king. That is why this great High Priest according to the order of Melchizedek He is God and the righteous King. He is the King of peace. He does not just bring peace to you but He is the King of peace. Everybody likes to rest in peace but they don’t like to have peace among themselves. In Chinese peace has two meanings. One is to live safe and nothing is wrong. And the second is that there is peace among the people and there is no fighting and quarreling. Peace has to do with righteousness. If there is no righteousness then there will be warfare. If everyone were to live in God’s righteousness then there will be peace. That is why righteousness and peace are like a couple. The King in the church is a righteous king and also the King of peace. We have such a heavenly kingly High Priest who wants to save us to the uttermost. Is there such a High Priest in Bangkok? Not in doctrine but in reality? It is easy to be doctrinal but do we truly have such a one reigning among us and everyone would listen to him and allow him to be king? Will you also allow him to be saved to the uttermost? We let him supply us in our need and walk in our midst. That is why the king in Matthews is shown us very clearly in the epistles. We need to grow up in all things into Christ who is the head. This is not that easy. The doctrine is simple. But we need to exercise to gain the reality. We need the help of the Holy Spirit and God’s mercy.

Meeting 5

Acts 7:2; Gen. 12:1-3; 1 Pet. 2:9; Acts 2:33; Gal. 3:14; Eph. 1:13; Rom. 4:13

Let’s go to see this glorious Christ, because this point is too important in the Scriptures. Our great High Priest has a face of a lion, man, calf and an eagle. All four faces are joined together in one in this great High Priest. He not only is the King but He is also the priest and He is there to serve us. His humanity is perfect. That is why He is qualified to become our sacrifice. In the book of Hebrews it says He became a man and He put on mankind. As a man He was like unto us. He lived like a man and He went through all kinds of temptations. Yet He was victorious and without sin. He went through all kinds of suffering and He learned obedience. He received all kinds of temptations yet He was victorious. His humanity is perfect without any kind of blemish. He is totally without sin and fully expressed the glory of God. He overcame the devil. He overcame the world. He overcame the flesh. He is the victorious Christ. That is why you can see when we speak concerning our great High Priest He is according to the order of Melchizedek. His humanity is perfect. He truly is wonderful. That is why you need to know that in the epistles, especially in the book of Hebrews, He is far above all the persons in the Bible. He is much better than Moses and much greater than Joshua, higher than the angels. His priestly service is much higher than that of Aaron. His sacrifice exceeds all the sacrifices of the animals. The blood that he shed is better than the blood of Abel. No one can be compared to Him. Even His service, the tabernacle that He served in, was a heavenly one. That’s wonderful. You cannot see this in the 4 gospels. But in the book of Hebrew you see it all. Since we have such a Great High Priest, why not go to Him? The book of Hebrews keeps telling us we have to come boldly, enter in with boldness, towards the throne of grace into the holy of holies, The veil has already been torn. In the OT the great High Priest was the only one who could enter, and that just once a year. It is so pitiful, just once a year. But we can enter in everyday. Not only once a day, but multiple times a day. You can enter in in the morning and a couple hours later you have a need to enter again. At noon you enter again and in the evening again. How many times can you enter each day? It is wonderful. But tell me, how many times have you really entered in? Twice a week? And once you enter in, how long do you tarry there? Do you just enter, look a minute and then say goodbye? You don’t understand and you don’t appreciate living in His glorious presence, to be before His mercy seat, the throne of grace. You have to be like a child. If you have something good, the child will come every five minutes to get what he likes. We do not appreciate it. What you understand is simply doctrine. That is why you don’t appreciate the many times being able to enter in. You just enter in for a little bit and then go away. And once you enter you just want to go to sleep. Lord Jesus! May the Lord have mercy on us! We have to see that we have such a great high priest who is a heavenly King. He can even save you to the uttermost. This kind of salvation cannot be experienced without your entering in. Most of the time we are just running around outside. We don’t have time to be saved. That is why you still wonder why you are still the same, without any change. You’ve been a Christian for 5 years and you are still the same. For 10, 20 for some even 50 years and you are still the same. Why? Because you did not enter in. If you do not enter in, how is it possible for Him to save you to the uttermost? Don’t think you are saved and that is enough. Don’t think it is so simple. You have to go to Him. You have to enter in. Without entering in there is no way for you to experience His salvation in such a way. This is something definite. Thank and praise the Lord. I hope that we would all come see this in a good way. To see our Lord Jesus. What does it say here? He is always making intercession for us. You say you pray. How much do you pray? How much? Do you pray for yourself? As responsible ones how much do you pray for the brothers and sisters? Do you pray daily for the brothers and sisters? Do you do that? Nobody dares to say yes. As responsible brothers and sister, if you don’t pray for the others, what are you going to do? Now, our Lord Jesus as our great High Priest is constantly interceding for you, non-stop. Right? He is interceding for you all the time, daily. If He doesn’t not pray for you and for me I don’t think I would be able to come to Thailand today. I don’t know where I might be. Do you know why I may still come to Thailand? Because there is a great High Priest in the heavens. He still remembers and He prayers. Do not think that I am so good to come to Thailand each year. There is someone who is praying for me all the time. Sister, don’t you believe that? I know that! If it were up to me, I would go on vacation in Hawaii. There is a flood coming here! Why should I want to travel here? It’s the Lord who is praying and interceding for each and every one of us. Otherwise do you think you would still be here in the church today? Or would you already have left? Thank the Lord. That’s why we need to know this High Priest and rely on Him. If the church were without him, there would be no church. Not just no church. If the Lord Jesus were to disappear today, the whole universe would collapse. Today, the entire universe still exists, first of all because the Lord Jesus is still here and second of all because He is faithful. The universe is still maintained because the Lord is maintaining it with the word of His power. That is why you need to see how important this great High Priest is. He wants to save us to the uttermost. He wants to bring us into glory, step by step. But you are so slow! Oh, Lord, tomorrow. Let us just enjoy the world a little be more. I still need to argue some more. What should we do? That is why Hebrews tells us that He is the captain of salvation. But this captain wants to attack. The captain wants to go forward and charge, but the church is not cooperating. So what should this captain do? Will he go on His own? Tell me! Look at the church in Bangkok. Don’t you want the church in Bangkok to be glorious? I think all the brothers and sisters who are here would say as long as the meetings are good that is enough. Sing a little, pray a little, and then we all go home. How about the church in Georgetown, is it glorious? As long as everybody comes to the meetings that is good enough. What else do you want? Do you really want a glorious church? The Lord wants to bring us into glory, but you don’t care and neither do I. If it is not glorious today it doesn’t matter. Let’s wait and see how it is tomorrow. Year after year we just wait. Nobody is eager and nobody repents. Tell me, what is this great high Priest going to do? What should He do? He wants to supply us with all our needs. Let’s read Hebrews chapter 4. We all know about it, but it is good for us to read it in the hope that this will prick our conscience. Hebrews 4:14-16. This point is too important concerning the High Priest. That’s why I have to spend more time to see that we have a great High Priest who has passed through the heavens, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold fast our confession. For we do not have a High Priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses, but was in all points tempted as we are, yet without sin. Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.”

How many times did you enter in? Here it says let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace. Go in as often as you can. How often have you entered in? Perhaps you don’t need help. If you need help, then you need to enter in. As elders you want to lead the church. There are so many problems and so many brothers and sisters. How many times do you enter in? How many times? Oh, Lord Jesus! Do not indulge in teachings and doctrines. Actually the Bible gives us many heavenly methods. Many people call me when they have problems and ask, John, what should we do? I say enter into the Holy of Holies. They don’t think this is a method to get help. Do you really think I can help you? Who are you going to go to get help? Are you the one seated on the throne of grace? How come you enter in and you get no help? Is the Lord deceiving you? You go in and come out and have received no help? Then maybe where you entered in was not the holiest of Holies. I must ask you were you exactly entered into. This is not a joke. We people have a lot of human concepts. We have to tell the Lord, Lord, since there is such a word, then I want to enter in, come before you to the throne of grace, and receive help. I need your help. The church needs your help. A certain bro or sis needs your help. How come you don’t receive help? I don’t leave until I receive help. Do you enter in empty and go out empty again? When you go to withdraw some money from the bank do you enter empty-handed and leave empty-handed as well? Then why even go to the bank? We should not be like this. Since we do have such a great high priest and there is such a place called the throne of grace in the holiest of holies, then once you enter in you have to receive grace. He cannot reject you. He cannot say He isn’t going to give it to you. If He doesn’t give it to you, then you just shouldn’t come out. Brothers & sisters here it says to come boldly to obtain mercy, to find grace and help in time of need. The one inside of the holies of holies is a righteous king of peace, an almighty God. He is able. There is no matter where he can’t help. He can’t say, I’m sorry, I can’t help. Maybe you enter a bank and the bank says we’re bankrupt. That can’t be, otherwise the doors would not still be open. Our God is too wonderful. He is the King. What does it say here? In verse 3 He is without father and mother because He is God. God has no genealogy. In Hebrews 7:3 Without father, without mother, without genealogy, having neither beginning of days nor end of life, but made like the Son of God. He is the almighty God. It is not possible for Him NOT to help you. You have to get to know Him to such an extent. If the church does not know Him then you have no future ahead of you. The church will just get worse over time. It will not become more glorious over time. Only He alone can lead you. You have to see this. This is the main thing! If the church does not have such a great High Priest who is going to build? Who is going to serve in the Holies of Holies? That is why we see in Revelation that it’s even more wonderful. We see that we have such a great High Priest walking among the midst of the churches. The revelation in the Bible becomes progressively clearer, more practical. Over time it becomes more tangible. The great High priest in Hebrews is still not clear enough. It is still very good but not clear enough. You have to add the Son of Man to the great High Priest like in Revelation. Then the picture is complete. Without Him how will you build. Today people like to give trainings. A whole year of full-time training. Don’t go to work, just go to trainings. Do you think that through this you can build the church? Where was Paul trained, Peter and John? Matthew? Even if you were to have 100 years of trainings, this would be the end of the church. Not in a sense that the church is finished, but that it is over! The church needs the son of Man walking in our midst. I’m sorry brothers and sisters. I’m not criticizing, but I have seen and even experienced this type of training. I’ve even given such trainings myself. Such a shame. Not I don’t dare to give such trainings because that way doesn’t work. We have to allow this great High priest to walk in the midst of the churches. We have to let Him help us and supply our needs. Let Him chasten us. Allow Him to speak to us. He is a speaking God. Let Him rebuke us. Let Him shed His light upon us to expose our condition. You have to let Him do all these things. To show forth what His Heart’s desire is. We simply need an ear to hear what He says. If you can’t hear Him, then there is no way.

First of all you need to have an ear. If you cannot hear there is no way. Second of all, after you hear Him you have to repent. If you do not repent there is no way either. If you know that you are wrong and yet you still do not repent… brothers and sisters. Revelations chapter 1 shows us that He wants to gain a golden lampstand. In July we saw that the golden lampstand is living, full of resurrection life, like an almond tree with buds, blossoms, flowers and almonds. Each branch has three sets. On the right there are 9 sets, and 9 sets on the left. In the center there are 4 sets. The entire golden lampstand is just like a golden tree. In the world it is not possible to see this. It is too wonderful! Who can build such a church? Tell me! Who has such an ability? You may be able to build a group or organization or anything. You may even have a big meeting hall and a large number of people but there is no life. You don’t see the almonds. It’s a durian tree. I don’t know what kind of tree it is. You smell like durian. What kind of a tree do you have in Bangkok? Is it a pure golden almond tree? If not, then you need to repent. Do not think oh it looks nice, it’s pretty. Now I know. I know, I know. If this golden tree is just drawn on the blackboard, what is the use of that? Right? The son of man walks among the midst of the golden lampstands. He doesn’t preach us a message but he rebukes us and exposes our condition. Whatever He says to us are very practical words. He will tell us what He dislikes and what does not suit Him so that we can repent. The church can only repent in this way. But if the message every Lord’s day is just an interpretation of the Bible, then no one will repent. They will just criticize and say that was wrong what he said, or I already know this, or whatever he says doesn’t sound good and no one repents. What’s the use of such messages. You tell me. Maybe you have been to many places. After you listen do you repent. Or do you just look at your watch and wonder why the brother still keeps talking. We don’t repent because there is nothing to repent for. How can you repent after just hearing knowledge? It doesn’t touch man’s conscience and does not expose our inner condition. Tell me, how are the brothers and sisters going to repent? When we fellowship in the church, do we fellowship in such a way? Brothers and sisters, what the great High priest speaks is full of the Spirit, full of Life, very practical and it pierces your heart and saves you, heals you, causes you to repent, causes us to realize that we are wrong. Right? Do we have such a great High Priest walking in our midst? That is why brothers and sisters, if you and I have not entered into the Holy of Holies and received of Him and allowed Him to shine upon us, then there is no way for the church to go on. Even after listening to the messages there will be quarreling, criticism. The people become experts in listening to messages. Oh, this man said the wrong thing. Lord Jesus! What should we do? In Revelation chapter 1 we have such a glorious Christ. I don’t know how many times I’ve read it. And yet I still don’t know how glorious He is. His face, His hair, His eyes, and the double-edged sword coming out of His mouth, the white garment of the high priest, the golden band, feet like burning brass. He is the ever-living one. He holds the seven stars in His right hand and He has the keys of death and of Hades. He is such a glorious Christ. I hope we all can even see Him in our dreams. Who has dreamt of Him like this before? Raise your hands. I think we have more bad dreams instead. We have to behold this great high Priest. If you do not have this great high Priest then your church will be full of problems that you cannot solve. In the end you can only send the people away. But don’t think if you cast out somebody, tomorrow another problem comes and you have to cast another person out. Don’t think just casting out people solves your problems. At the end all people have been cast out. Lord Jesus, May the Lord have mercy on us. We need this great High Priest. He loves the church. He wants to heal us. Brothers and sisters, the salvation of our Lord Jesus has healing power. With this healing he gives us the medication. He Himself is the medication. When you eat of the bread and drink of the cup you have to ask the Lord to heal you by taking this in. Lord I am sick. Heal me. Change me. Don’t argue about who made the bread, is it unleavened, is it bought bread? It is useless to talk about this. Are you using wine or grape juice? It doesn’t matter. Does it change you? You don’t care whether the Lord’s blessing is upon it. It doesn’t matter whether wince or grape juice. It is the blood of the Lord Jesus that is important. After you drink it do you experience change, blessing, healing? Then why quarrel about such questions? What do you want? Do you want to gain the real thing? Oh Lord! Do you have faith? Do you have the spirit of faith to receive it? Are you eating bread or are you eating the Lord? Brothers and sisters, we all need to break through and enter into reality. If the Lord does not bless it then it is useless to eat of it. In baptism, whether it is cold water, hot water, warm water, if you are not baptized in the Spirit it doesn’t matter. Some people say you have to be baptized in the river of Jordan. They spend their money to fly there. And after their baptism they are still the same. Their old man came back from Jordan still alive. What’s the use of that kind of a baptism? Today we need this living Christ. I don’t care about the teachings, but I want Him! This is the way that God has given us. It is not a method. It is Christ! Glorious, wonderful and rich Christ! Amen! If we have a conference and you say amen here and there, I am afraid you will go home and forget about all of it. If that is the case then forget about the conference. It is not of much use. But if we go back and enter in and get to know Him in a good way, experience Him, enjoy Him, have fellowship with Him, let His Holy Spirit work in us, then the Lord has a way. No matter where you are in the church there is a way for you to go on. Amen? Hallelujah! Otherwise you have no way.

Today let us come to look at the last point. Our Lord is the ascended glorious Christ. It is too wonderful. When He ascended He took the scroll that was in the right hand of the father. Chapter 5 in Revelation tells us no one was qualified, no one was worthy to open the scroll. What was God waiting for? Why doesn’t he just open it by himself? Nobody is found worthy in heaven or in earth, among the dead or the living. If I were God I would just open the scroll on my own. That would be much simpler. Why should I wait? Why didn’t God open it on His own? Was He not qualified? If God is not qualified then no one in the universe is qualified. Yes, God is qualified, in fact over-qualified. But in God’s will He wants man to come and open the scroll.

Let us fellowship on this slowly. In Daniel 10, the angel told Daniel I will reveal to you because God sent me. So he opened up a book. What was this book called? It is called the Book of Truth. In King James it is called the Scripture of Truth. Everything written inside this book is truth. God already wrote all the things that are going to happen in this book. You know our God works in a very solid way and doesn’t change. If it is not written then you can change it. But God wants to prove that whatever He says, whatever He plans do to will not change. God does not change. Whatever He says does not change. That is why from the time of Daniel this book told everything that would happen until the first coming of our Lord Jesus. In Daniel 11 it speaks about the time and the historical happenings up to the first coming of our Lord Jesus. When the Lord Jesus came the first time, after 33 ½ years he was nailed to the cross and resurrected and ascended into the heavens. And after His ascension there is a little scroll with 7 seals, the second book. This book talks about the time of the Lord’s ascension until the millennial kingdom, and after that about the new heaven, new earth and new creation. Our God knows everything. So at this point in time, God is waiting for one worthy, qualified person to open the scroll. No one was qualified. Do you think that Paul was qualified? No. John? No. No fallen man was qualified. Now where are you going to find such a qualified person? One who is qualified to rule and manage all the things in this world? TO manage God’s work until it is complete? You have to know this Christ. He is great in many many aspects. If you really know this Christ then the problems you see will become smaller and smaller. That is why brothers and sisters, within this book of the seven seals all the mystery is included that God wants to accomplish. Only Christ alone is able and qualified to open the scroll. When John saw no one was worthy to open the scroll, he wept. In 6000 years in the history of mankind no one is qualified. But thank the Lord, He is qualified and He opened the 7 seals one by one. So today we are at the point in time when the 6th seal is about to be opened. What is the Lord waiting for? You may say, why has the Lord not opened the 6th seal? What is He waiting for? Christian, what do you think he’s waiting for? (For us) Is he waiting for the world to become more evil? He is waiting for us, for the firstfruits. He is waiting for the appearing of the golden lampstands. He wants to recover the testimony of the golden lampstands and he wants to gain the firstfruits. Without that, even if the 6th seal were to be opened it would be worthless. Seals 1-5 have already been opened but the 6th has not yet been opened. Do you want Him to open it? Lord Jesus. We all have to look to the Lord. Our Lord is too wonderful. Do not think that He ascended into the heavens and he has nothing to do there. He is very very busy. He has much to do there. He is managing everything that is happening in this world, in particular His churches. That’s why in the very onset, there is a world (drawn above the line). Actually the world should be below the line and the church is above the line. There is the development of both up until this day. Revelation 2-3 shows us the development of the churches up until today. He already showed us everything It will keep developing until the Lord’s second coming. Daniel showed us what would happen until the first coming of the Lord especially concerning the people of Israel. And in Revelation we see the development of the churches until the Lord’s second coming. And the world will also continue to develop until the Lord’s second coming. It will all definitely happen. It is all just a question of time. Tell me, is our Lord not great? That scroll is in His hand. When the seal is to be opened, it is up to Him to decide. That is one aspect of it. But on the other hand he needs the prayers of the saints, because the Lord Jesus does not want to be managing it all by himself. He wants to manage it all together with us. That is why in Revelation 5 speaks about the Lamb revealing the scroll. Rev.5:8 when he had taken the scroll the four living creatures and the 24 elders fell down before the Lamb, each having a harp and golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints. Chapter 8 the smoke of the incense, which are the prayers of the saints, ascended before God. We have this scroll here but it requires the prayers of the saints. It all depends upon whether or not the prayers of the church correspond to the ruling of the Lamb and the Lord’s ruling over this world. Whether or not there is cooperation and a coordination of the prayers of the saints. If there is not then nothing will happen. That is why today we need to get to know Him. To what degree you know Him shows home much you can cooperate with him. I hope all the brothers and sisters can cooperate in a good way through prayer and let the Lord accomplish His work.

Meeting 6

Rev. 19:6-16

It is seldom to see Christian groups reading the bible in such a way like us. Truly so, if we touch the Lord, and when we read His word, it is a true enjoyment. We have joy in our spirit because we touch Christ and the reality. If you don’t touch the reality, you cannot enjoy it. But you have seen the reality when you read the word of the Lord. You really rejoice. Amen! Because we know that when we read the word, the reality will come forth. We will then read it full of joy and hope. Praise the Lord. In the bible, beginning from Matthew, you seen our Lord Jesus came the first time and accomplished His work. He went through death and resurrection, and became the Spirit. He has done a lot of work. He is such a rich God, such a glorious Christ. His riches is unsearchable. It is for the building up of His church. In the book of Revelation we see the more of this wonderful One. We need to touch the reality. This morning we have seen that our Lord is our High Priest in the heavens. You should not think that the work of the Lord has already accomplished. Yes He has completed salvation on the cross. But today for the building up of the church, He is still working. There are still a lot of work to be done. If you don’t know His riches and you don’t know that He is such a Christ; He is so rich. Only He can build His church and it is not through man. It is not through man’s organization, and it is not any man’s method which can build the church. The other groups even claim that they are correct and we are wrong. Oh Lord. Without Him, and not knowing Him, you will miss it. Our Lord is so rich, and He walks in the midst of the lampstands. Let Him be our Lord. 2000 years of history, all the works of man is not the church. Today, everyone can do his own work, and you may even have home meetings. You have to see this, and I have said it several times, yet no one believes me. The building up of the church is not through methods. If it is through methods, then there is only one method. It is only through this glorious Christ. Without this Christ, there is no way to build. Today, we all have seen this. Truly so. God has given us this rich Christ. He is the head of the Christ, He is the body of Christ and He wants to be all for the church. If you don’t depend on Him, whom do you want to depend on? We have said it so many times. In ps. 127, do you remember this? If God does not build, then we will build in vain. If He does not build it doesn’t matter what you build. In Zech. 6 says it is not through strength or might, but by His Spirit. Ps. 147:7 He doesn’t need power of horses, nor does He like the strength of man. What would you need to build the church? We have a history of 2000 years to prove it. If you still don’t believe, then I have no way. John 15, Jesus said, apart from me, you can do nothing. Do you have the confidence? No longer I, but Christ who lives in me. Paul also said I have done a lot, but not I but God in me. You see so many portions in the bible where it says, it is not I. But yet you try to do it yourself. Brothers and sisters, we do need the High Priest. He is the one who walks among the churches. He is the only one who can build and He is the only one who adds oil to the golden lampstand. Only He can give the heavenly gold. Only He is capable to beat out a block of gold into a golden lampstand. Only He is the 2 olive trees, supplying us constantly. We need to come before Him. Don’t go outside to seek help. I don’t have the ability. That is why we have to have this heavenly vision. Not only the responsible brothers should come before Him, but all of us need to come to Him. The young ones, the older ones, everyone has to come forward to Him. Otherwise there is no way. May the Lord have mercy on us. Who is speaking to the churches in the book of revelation? Is it Paul? Or John? It is the Lord Himself speaking to His churches. It says, he who has an ear, let him hear what the spirit says to the churches. If the Spirit does not speak today, and it is just from man, then there is no way. If the spirit does not speak, what do you want to do? It would be merely a person giving a message. It doesn’t work. Isn’t there enough man’s speaking already? We have to let the spirit speak. If the Spirit does not speak then we have no way. We would not know how to go on. In the book of Revelation we see there is the spirit of God speaking. The testimony of Jesus Christ – without the Spirit, what can you do? You can preach but there is no power, no life coming out. May the Lord open up our eyes. When we come to the book of Revelation, we see this ascended glorious High Priest, walking in the midst of the Lampstands. If He doesn’t walk amongst us, then maybe we are not His churches. If we are His churches, then He should be there walking among us. If you don’t see Him, then there is a problem. Really so. This High Priest is coming to serve us. Where does He serve? In the Lampstand. It cannot be that there if there is a lampstand and the High Priest is somewhere else. It is impossible. I don’t believe this. Today, we have to recognize this glorious Christ. The Chirst in Revelation is truly wonderful. You have to enter into each point from the July’s service conference. Saints, do serve in doctrines. I sometimes feel that we went on too fast, just scratching the surface and we didn’t go into details. Oh Lord. This great High Priest in the book of Revelation is really wonderful. He comes to serve. He is Son of God, yet He is a man, but is yet the Almighty God. Such a Christ you don’t see in the 4 gospels too much. Maybe in the gospel of Matthew, you might have a glimpse of this but not in details. But in the book of Revelation, the description is really wonderful. You should read it yourself. We need to see this. We need this glorious High Priest. We need to see His face and His eyes. Not just 2 eyes, but in Chap 5, there are 7 eyes and He sees everything clearly. You need to see His white hair – His manifold wisdom and knowledge, His thinking. He understands everything and knows everything. Why don’t you go look for Him? Also, get to know His love towards the church. He also said in Rev 3 to the church in Laodicea, those whom He loves, He chastises. Let me ask you, did the Lord chastise you? Really? If He is chastening you, do you accept it? Or do you say, what did I do wrong? Why do you chasten me? It is his fault! You might argue with the Lord and think that He is unfair. A person who loves the Lord and follows Him will accept His chastening. If the church does not accept His chastening, then there is no way. This applies for the individual saints. The Lord loves you, that is why he chastens you. If he does not chasten you, then it is no good. Let me ask you again, have you received the Lord’s chastening? If yes, then you need to accept that. This is the love of the Lord. This is a blessing. In our daily life, many things happen and the Lord provided many opportunities to chasten you. Don’t think that it is the other person who is at fault and needs chasten. Our Lord’s way is different. We chasten those who are at fault, but the Lord chastens those who are right. Don’t think that you didn’t do anything wrong and you don’t need chastening. Even if you are right, you still need chastening, because the Lord wants to perfect you. If you don’t understand this and don’t understand God’s heart, you will not accept this. You will complain and you will get angry. Ha, this is so unreasonable, I didn’t do anything wrong, why do you chasten me? Even if you are right, this is still good and blessed to accept His chastening. Our Great High Priest will use all kinds of people to serve together with you, to use this to chasten you. This is the wisdom of our Lord. Otherwise you will have no chance to learn and have no way to be exposed. You think you are so good and so patient, then the Lord gives you an opportunity and gives you a “good” wife to chasten you. So is it with the church, without chastening, there is no way. You need to know this Christ. The church is beaten out from one piece of gold. Who will sell gold to you? Who has gold? Do you have gold? Maybe this brother? Can you sell it to me? I need gold! Who is selling pure gold? Who sells gold here? You may even go ask a pastor to sell gold to you. But sorry, he may know how to preach but he has no gold to sell you. Today when we want to build the church, where do you buy gold? Only the Lord has it. The Lord said, come to me and buy gold to me. If there is no gold for you, how are you going to build the church? We all need to come to Him. There is no other way. The church also needs judgment. Who can judge? You? Who will judge? We have to have the Lord judging us. Only His judgment is righteous and just. His judgment can heal us and sanctify us. It can help us. Man’s judgment is only to condemn us – oh he has leprosy, don’t talk to him! This is man’s judgment. The Lord’s judgment is to save me and to provide salvation. Don’t belittle this. Don’t despise the Lord’s judgment. The book of Revelation shows that He is the Alpa and Omega. He is the first and the last, the beginning and the end. If we have such a Christ and yet you don’t go look for Him! Some may ask, where can I find Him? The Lord says, seek and you shall find. So don’t ask me where you could find Him; you just need to be willing. But if you are not willing, then you have a problem. Such a Christ and yet you don’t want Him? Such a mighty Christ. He has overcome death. Who has the keys of Hades among us? Let me see it! I want to take a look, show me! Do you have it? No? Who has it? There are so many brothers and sisters here, yet who has the keys? If you don’t have the key, how can you overcome death? Who has gone through death and resurrected? Have you? The church has gone through death and is now in resurrection! Who has the power? You may have the capability to preach, but you cannot make a dead person resurrect! In the end you are even spreading death! No one is capable to build the church. Some years ago in Europe, there were some pastors who thought that we have methods to build the church. They came to the church and saw that the church is so living and so glorious. So they came and asked me, oh how do you build? Is it by praying? By calling on the name of the Lord; pray-reading, exercising of the spirit or morning watch? What else? I said that I don’t know. They claimed that I lied to them and that I didn’t want to teach them. But I really didn’t know, because I am not the one who builds. You have to go look for Him. Let me ask you, do you know what will happen tomorrow? Even tonight you do not know that the lights will go out! I didn’t know that! Did you know beforehand that the lights will go out? Do you know about tomorrow? About next week? When will the flood come into Bangkok? Nobody knows. No one knows what will happen in the church next month. You know how to preach, but you do not know what will happen tomorrow. Let me ask you, who knows? In the book of Revelation, He is, He was and He is to come. You have to understand this that the name Jehovah is very special. What is in the past, is in Him. What is, is also in this name; what is to come is also included in this name. I cannot explain this in Chinese. But in English, there is past tense, present tense and there is a future tense. This name “Jehovah” encompasses all the 3 tenses. That is why our Lord Jesus is not just for the today but also for eternity. Do you know what will be the future for the church in Bangkok? Only He knows. Who can help you? Today, people like to get help from people from 100 of years ago, like Martin Luther. But these people were, but are no longer are! Is there anyone who can tell you the future? Then you should go to that person. Do you know the future? There is only one - that is our Lord Jesus. If you really need to receive help for the church, then you need to go to Him. I am not belittling the brothers from the past. The past is good but to what extend will it help you today? You may receive help, but then you cannot go further than they did. Do you want this? Let me say this again, I am not belittling the past. The past is of help to us, but I must say that, that is the past and is not enough for today, let alone for the future. Do you want the past or the future? Today, no one uses the type-writers from 50 years ago, which go tip tip tap tap. Who is still using this, please raise your hands. You? The cell phone from the past is really huge. No one is using it today. The past was good. But it was good at that time. But today, it is no longer useful. Do you think that our Lord has not prepared something better for us today? Do you want the church to remain same year after year? Who can help us to go on? Who knows what is the next step? What are the next 10 steps? What will happen in 12 months’ time? How can you go on? Who knows? If you don’t know this one who is ever living and who knows what is in the future, then you will have no way. In the book of Revelation, the Lord reveals clearly what will happen in the future. Don’t you think that he will also not tell us clearly what the churches will be in the future? We need to go to Him. When the Lord comes again the 2nd time, He wants to gain His bride. In Rev 19– the bride has made herself. How does she prepare? You have to ask Him. If you don’t ask Him, how would you know? Go read Ps 45. It speaks about the King and His Queen. He also mentioned how the Queen prepares herself. You need to pursue the Lord properly and ask Him how the church should prepare herself. I am not qualified to answer this. He is qualified. Lord, how do I get the white garments? The fine linen, where do I get them? Where do I get the righteousness acts of the saints? If you just know the doctrine but do not know how to prepare, it does not help. We need to humble ourselves and go ask the Lord. Only He knows. Did not the Lord say, buy from Me gold, eye salve and white garments? Go to Him. You need to buy and you need to pay the price. Many Christians think that just by believing in Him, they will get the white garments and they will get gold. But our Lord says here that you have to buy. To buy and to believe are different matters! To believe you don’t have to pay a price, but to buy means to pay a price. Don’t ask me what price it would be. The seller will need to tell you. I don’t know and I cannot tell you! Go to the Lord and tell Him that you want to buy pure gold and white garments. He will tell you how much it will cost and what the price is today. Maybe by the time you go to Him, the price will change. My price may be different from yours. Everyone pays a different price. Don’t keep asking me, how to buy. If you want to go buy grocery, then you just go to the market. You don’t ask why and how. When our Lord comes again, we need to be prepared and be ready. If not, you will have a problem.

Let’s take a look at outline – it is the rapture of the saints. Some will be raptured and some will be left behind. We need to come before the Lord and tell Him, I am willing to be raptured. Point 2: the judgment of the believers. If you are not afraid of this, then I cannot do anything. We all need to fear God. If you are not raptured then you have to go through the great tribulation. Don’t think that the Lord will not let you go through the great tribulation. Don’t think that you have believed and hence you don’t need to go through the great tribulation. To believe in Him does not mean that you will avoid going through the great tribulation. Don’t say, oh I have the faith that I will not go through great tribulation. This is not so simple. Saints need to give an account before the throne of God. How you live today, you will need to give an account one day. That is why you need to know the Lord. At that time, it is no longer the period of grace. Today you still have the chance to repent, but at that day, you don’t have the chance. So you need to repent now, otherwise you have no way. There will be the judgment of the harlot and the world. When the Lord comes back, it will be fearful. The armies of the world and the beast will be there. Don’t think that our God will not judge in such a manner. The judgment days will come where His wrath will be poured out. When He comes, He will come as a King to rule. He wants to establish His kingdom on this earth. Do you have a part in this? It all depends on you. Oh Lord! It is not so simple. But all of us who are sitting here know. We do not need to go into details. Our Christ is so big. You need to have this vision. This is a complete vision. From Old Testament to the New Testament where He came for the first time, and to His 2nd coming – God has given us a very clear vision. He has given us such a great Christ. If you don’t experience Him, when He comes again, you will have nothing to say. You will run away. Today you may have lots to say, but on the day of judgment, you will have nothing to say. May we not be disobedient to the heavenly vision. Starting from tomorrow, we will see the revelation of the church. I do hope that we have sufficient time to go through that.

Meeting 7

Matt. 16:18-19; John 1:51, 15:1-5; 17:11, 20-24

May the Lord give us revelation so that we may be able to see his church more clearly. Before I thought I saw it, now I feel that I have not yet seen it so clearly. I need more relevation. Not only should the vision of Christ be seen more clearly and more richly, by the same tocken the vision of the church has to be more clearer with time. What we have seen before was good and we thank the Lord for it. But that is not enough. We fallen people do not see that clearly. You see that I need to see glasses today and without glasses I cannot see clearly. Once I put on my glasses I see a bit clearer. But if I see a little further, I don’t see it clearly anymore. Don’t think that you have seen the church and you understand it. We need to see much more and we need to see much more clearly. I don’t know how many times I have read these verses in the book. You also have read them often but they are not that simple. The more you read, the more you will feel, oh Lord, what should we do. The Lord Jesus told Peter, I want to build My church. Who builds the church? Is it you or is it I who builds the church? Or is it He who builds? I heard people say, Oh without me, where would there be so many churches! Who is this “me”? Do not think that oh, I have already know, this is Christ, but with the building, you are still the one building, right? The church in Penang, if man is building there you will all have trouble. Don’t you believe that? The bigger the head, the more the problems. Let me do it! You all have to listen to me, I AM the apostle. Oh dear. If it is man who is building, I don’t care how capable you may be or how great your gift may be and how many bibles you have read it and worn them out. I have heard of that too. You don’t know how many bibles I have gone through and have worn them out! Even if you have worn out a thousand bibles, you are still capable to build up His church. Let me tell you, nearby Stuttgart there is a very famous theological institute. They have a special library for the theological section and there are volumes of books. Think about it, in the past 2000 years there are so many people who have written so many books, can you count them? On top of that, there are still books which are still not published or written yet. Man can write so many books. But how is the church that has to be built? Tell me! Someone asked me, Bro John did you publish any books? I say no, what kind of books should I publish? There are already so many books! I can’t even read this book thoroughly, should I still be writing books? You need to remember today, the Lord Jesus says, I will build My church. Whatever that is not built by Him and you and I may be building and each one is competing with one another and you are afraid that people may come to me and I am afraid that people may go to you…tell me, is this the church? You have to remember today, it is the Lord alone who has the ability to build. Unless you fully understand thoroughly the mystery that is written on this book – point 1 – that you fully understand! Is there such a person? 2nd Point – are you a perfect man without any mistakes and you do no wrong? Is there such a man among those who are sitted here, is there a perfect man? Fully righteous? Among the sitted here, is there anyone who is fully submissive? Is there? There is none. Among you sitted here, is there anyone who is Almighty? Is there? Neither is there any. Oh dear! Don’t think that we are so capable. The Lord Jesus also said, I will build whose church? I will build Bro Leng’s church? To whom does the church belong? Is it yours? Or mine? Or Paul’s? no, the church is His. Then why do you always hang on to the church so tightly in your hands and everyone has to listen to you? Whatever you say, counts! Is the church yours? Is the church the elders? Or Paul’s church? Or is the church Cephas? Or Apollos’ church? The Lord said, it is My church. Don’t think that this saying is very simple – I will build My church. But after the building, it becomes yours! Otherwise how come there are so many types of churches today? If it is the Lord’s church, are there so many varieties? Tell me, is it He who builds it? If the Lord looks at it, will He say, this is My church. There are so many houses and buildings in Bangkok, which one is yours? You shouldn’t say that all the houses everywhere are mine! You wouldn’t do that. Right? That is why you should not think that you understand this word. Do you dare to say that the church is yours? Who is the owner, the master? I will build My church. You and I are just stones. Right, brothers and sisters? Who is the foundation of the church and how is that Rock? Of course it is Christ. Some may say, it is the revelation of Christ. I don’t care if you say that this is the revelation of Christ or not, it is just Christ. Whatever you build, upon what foundation do you build? Do you have a rock? You are building upon your doctrines. Christ is living. Roman Catholicism says that Peter is the rock. Poor Peter. He became the rock of the Roman Catholic Church. I think until today he is still suffering because of that. Who dares to say that he is the rock? Do you have the ability to bear the burden of the entire church? The kingdom of God, the church, is an unshakable kingdom. Do you shake? One little thing happens and you could not even stand. People say one thing about you and you cannot stand. One little problem and you collapse! This verse in Matt 16:18 shows that there is a rock here. Do we have a rock. Often times you do not consider who the rock of the church in Bangkok is! Brother San-Di, how often do you think on the rock? He said, sometimes. But I ask, how often? Not sometimes, as it may mean every 2 years! Are you building daily? Then you need to have the clear understanding that I do this thing, is upon the rock. If you do not do that, once the earthquake comes, it collapses. It cannot withstand. Don’t think it looks very pretty today. 5 years later, it is all gone. But you have not seen so far and you are short-sighted. If you wait another 10 years, it is all over. Whatever you have built up evaporates in the air. Isn’t that true? You build and build and build and in the end, it becomes nothing. Isn’t that pathetic? That is why the Lord shows us that there is a rock. You cannot build loosely. The truth that you understand, is it that rock? Is it living? Can you be certain that you are building upon this rock? I have seen in the past, it keeps changing – oh the Lord wants to do this, a few years later, oh we got to go a new way, then a few years later, oh it is knocking at the door, oh then it does not work, then we do something else. Oh this rock keeps changing! You don’t know what you are building. Oh try this out! If you are building, don’t try things out. The foundation cannot change. After looking at all these, I was really afraid. I went back before the Lord and told Him, Lord, show me and tell me of this rock. Give me revelation so that I may know. I don’t care what men say, but I care what You say. If you are angry at me, or if you are upset and scold me, I don’t care. I want to know, what we are building today, is it upon this rock? I would rather not do anything until I know, then I do it. Some people are very smart. You go learn something over there and you go over here and you learn something from others. You gather all the good things together and then you build. That is very smart. This goes to prove that you don’t actually know what you are doing. Why do you need to go over there to learn and here? Why don’t you go above to learn? Why do you not go to the Lord to learn? That is why I say, go, go and learn. The Lord said, I will build My church upon this rock. If you build in this way, not only is it unshakable by man, even the gates of Hades cannot prevail again it. But if it is man’s building and it is not on this rock, it is just upon some plastic and it is made in Bangkok or made in China – somebody told me that the shoes from China may be made from leather but inwardly it is made of paper. If the weather is nice, it is fine, but if there is flood, it will break! After hearing that, I no longer build shoes from China. What is man-made cannot withstand. Do not think that you can build loosely and it will be okay. One day the gates of Hades will come knocking at your door to see what work you are building. One puff and it falls. I have seen it also. Building and building some top buildings but within a couple of years, it came falling down. I got afraid and I told the Lord, this kind of building! Are you building upon man’s authority and man’s ability, gift, teachings, organization, methods, you doing this way and that way, in the end it collapses. That is dreadful. I am not criticizing others. I am not qualified to criticize but I have seen it and I am afraid. I don’t want to do that. May the Lord have mercy on us. The Lord Jesus also says, I will give to you the keys of the heavens. Do you have it? In the building of the church, do you have the key? I have the key to the meeting hall, but I do not have the keys to the kingdom of heavens. You say you are the church, but show me the keys of the heavens. You say you understand Matthew 16, then show me the keys of the kingdom of heavens! Do you think the building of the church is easy? It is not just mere talk and giving messages. I want to see the keys. Don’t just tell me teachings. Show me the keys. That is why I don’t know what I should be speaking about matt 16:18. I have read it so many times, but do we have the keys? It doesn’t help when you read it a thousand times but you don’t have the keys. I am just like you, brother. I also want to hide. You say you want to build the church. Did the Lord tell you, I will give to you the keys of the kingdom of the heavens? The Lord spoke to Peter in particularly that He will give him the keys. If you were to ask Peter, do you have the keys, Peter will say, yes let me show it to you. Peter will not say, I believe that I have it. I know you believe, but do you have them?? Have you ever ask the Lord, Lord where is the key? Please give me the key. Once I get to the hall and I only believe that I have the key to 503 and I just open the door by faith. I believe I have the key and yet I cant get it. I have to still wait for our brother to give me the key. You want to build His church and yet He doesn’t give you the key, would you be able to build? Let me ask you, have you been to the Lord to ask Him? Lord, since you want us to build the church, key, please! Give me the keys! Lord Jesus! You may ask me, Bro John what teachings are you telling us now? No, I am not talking about teaching, but I am talking about the keys. The keys are very important. Because the church is related to the kingdom of heavens. Do you have the keys to your house? If not, then that is not your house. It is his house because he has the keys. He who has the keys goes to show that the house belong to him. Today when you want to build the church and yet you don’t have the keys of the heavens, you can go try it. You can only build sometime n this earth. You may call it anything but yet if you don’t have the keys of the heavens, then it is fake. It is not simple. That is why there are so many problems in the church and you cannot solve them. You don’t have the keys. If you want to get in, you have to climb in secret and it turns out that you are the thief. That is why the building up of the church is very practical. You have to ask the Lord, Lord, give me the keys. Otherwise you may bind but it is not bound in heavens. You are working over here but heaven does not work. Whatever you want to do is not what heaven wants to do. Heaven binds and you release it! The work you do is contrary to what heaven wants to do. It is good then that the key is not turned to you. This is not a joke, although it is laughable. We have done a lot of things which are laughable, but they are not laughable. Actually we should be weeping. That is why when you read Matthew 16, don’t say, oh I understand. Don’t say that.

Now concerning Peter, the Lord said, you are Peter, you are a stone. Do you think that when the Lord Jesus said to him that you are Peter and you are a stone, do you think he immediately became a wonderful stone? When the Lord changed Peter’s name, at the moment he was changed immediately into a precious stone. Was that the case? Go ask Peter. Peter will tell you, no, no, I don’t know how many sufferings I have done through and many often I have been exposed. In the end I even denied the Lord 3 times and to the extent that I thought I was hopeless and I gave up and went back to be a fisherman. But it is a good thing that the Lord was merciful and came sought after me. Do not think that he immediately became a very beautiful precious stone. Brothers and sisters, it is not that simple. That is why up until today, I still don’t quite understand Matt. 16, because it is not that simple.

Then there is John 1. In the gospel, although the building up of the church is not mentioned often, but the seed of the church is there already. Actually there are many instances but we just choose a few places. The Lord Jesus said, most assuredly I say to you, you will see heavens open. This is also something that is necessary for the building, that the heavens are open to you. Who can open up the heavens? Can you? How about you, Alicia? Can you open the heavens? Who can open up the heavens? If God does not open the heavens to you, what would you do? What does it mean that the heavens are open? God wants to appear to you and then the heavens will be open. In the vision of Ezekiel, while he was walking he saw the heavens opened and he heard the speaking. For the building up of the church, without the heavens opened up for us, you may search here and there, only the computer screens will be opened to you. The websites are opened. But is your heaven the computer? The heavens have to be opened. If you want to have the building up of the church, the heavens has to be opened. If the heavens are closed, you have no way. That is why you have to go searching everywhere, if you go searching everywhere, it shows that the heavens are not open to you. In John 1:51, the Lord was speaking about the building up of the church. That is why for the building up of his church, the heavens would have to be opened up to you. God will not open up the heavens at random. If you are to a person who is seeking him with a true heart, and you have any concepts and traditional thoughts in your head, then I need to ask you, did the heavens open to you? If the heavens were not open, what did you see? In Isaiah 6, Isaiah also saw the heavens open and he saw a vision. For the building up of the church you need such an experience. Don’t think that that is not easy. Of course that is not easy because the heavens are not opened up by man. If God does not open up the heavens, who can open? God has to appear to you and the words of God have to come upon you. The word of God and the Spirit of god came upon you. If there is the word of God, there has to be the spirit of God. There has to be the appearing of God and the heavens has to be opened to us. This is vital to the building up of the church. The Lord Jesus said, most assuredly I say to you, hereafter you will see heavens open. This is a condition. Amen. May the heavens be open to you in New York, in Korea. In South East Asia as well. It also says here, once the heavens were open, there is a heavenly ladder. This is also an important condition to the building up of the church. Why? Because all the materials needed for the building up of the church come from the heavens. If you don’t have this heavenly ladder, where do you get them? From this brother’s bookroom? It is very near and it is very convenient, you don’t need the heavenly ladder. Is that the case? Today everybody is like that. I went to a certain place and people asked, me, do you have some books? Oh dear, there were books for me again. Do you have some CDs? They wanted CDs… to get CDs, you don’t need the heavens open nor do you need the heavenly ladder! I am not the heavens! Do not think that the Christians are not like this. No one thinks of asking from Him. It is easier to ask a brother. Oh Lord Jesus. You don’t need to go ask the Lord, neither do you need to climb up the ladder. Man is just like that. That is why what is built is not acceptable to God. That is why brothers and sisters, in the vision of Jacob, there is a rock and there is also the heavenly ladder. The heavens were opened. How is the New Jerusalem built? Where does it come from? It descends from heaven. If all the materials for the building up of the church do not come above, it is all useless; it is then made in Thailand, made in Japan or made in China, or made in Malaysia, and also made by yourself. God would not accept it. That is why for the building up of the church, you need the heavens to be opened. Do not forget, especially the responsible brothers. You have to tell the Lord, Lord, if you don’t open up the heavens for me, it does not work. I need the word to come upon me, I need to see the heavenly vision, I need your power. This is important. This heavenly ladder – if you don’t have it, you may try to build in vain. I seldom talk about the ground of the ground. It may ends up to be something that is used by man for his own gain. You locked up in there. You have to buy my books and you have to do my things. You have to listen to me and each month you have to give me so much money because I need expenses for all these work. If you don’t have money, it is ok, you just have to write a pledge to give me the money next month! That is why I don’t dare to talk about the ground anymore. But if I don’t say it in this way, it does not get into you. Do not make the ground into a profitable market. For the building up of the church is not just the ground. That is not the building. It does not mean that we do not want the proper ground of the church. But man turn it to the profitable market. It is difficult to translate into English – a play of the Chinese words for “ground” and “profitable market”. There are so many elements to the building up of the church. There are so many factors. Do not think that if you are standing on the ground, then you are the church. The mosque in Jerusalem is also standing on the ground. Tell me, is the mosque on the wrong ground? It is on the proper ground. That it is the location for the building up of the church. Tell me, does God have to recognize this as His church? God would not acknowledge this! Oh Lord. Just like you are in God’s field. What he wants to plant is almond tree, but you go plant a durian tree because you like to eat durian. Tell me, would God accept it?

Let’s go to John 15. Here it shows us that the church is a living vine and the Father is the vinedresser. He gives all the supply. Who is the vine itself? It is just the Lord Himself. It is not someone else nor something else. Besides, it is living. We are only branches and we need to abide in Him at all times. That is why the Church is sometime organic. It is a tree. You go build a tree and show it to me. You try to use a block of wood and it may look very pretty and looks like it. Go plug some branches in it and glue some leaves on it. You go to the market and buy some artificial grapes and hang on it. Oh then you say that this ist he church. Man can only do this. That is why, tell me, how can you build? Is it that easy? Before I thought that I knew these verses, but now I realize that oh Lord, only You can build it. I cannot make it. Can you make it? Can you build a vine? What God make is something living. What man made is dead. It is not that you don’t know how to build it, but it is dead. I have no way. Lord, I just need to go along with You and follow You.

The last point here – Oneness. This oneness is also very special. In the past 40 years, I taught many people to be one. I have spoken a lot – you have to be one. In the end, it is better not to talk about the oneness. After talking about it, the fighting becomes worse. Oneness is not something that man can create. This is not glued together with some glue. Oh Lord. If you want to have oneness, then you need this oneness like the Son with the Father. I told the Lord, I have no way to do it. I can only let You do it. Time is up. You go and build.

Meeting 8

Eph. 1:22-23; 5:25-32

Man is very fickle. His capability is only to build up something earthly. We all have to have a basic understanding that the church is not earthly. It is of the heavens. Since it is heavenly, we all have to admit before the Lord that we have no way. Only when He builds and we cooperate with Him, can the building go on. This is what the entire Scripture tells us. He told the people, your kingdom is of the earth, Mine is of the heavens. You are earthly, but I have come down from heaven. The difference is very big. Don’t think that the church, the Lord’s church, is of this earth. This is the most basic realization. If you understand this then you would tell the Lord, please, Lord, come and build. Without Your building, it won’t work. We all remember when Moses when to Mt. Sinai; God wanted to build a tabernacle among men. And, God commanded Moses saying, you have to build it fully according to the pattern you saw on the mountain, because this is a heavenly building. God did not want Moses to build any kind of tabernacle. That is why Moses had to build exactly according to the pattern that God showed him. Moses did everything according to God’s instruction. There was not one thing that Moses thought out of himself. All the materials, how it had to be built, all the equipment, all the measurements, everything, was according to the pattern in heaven. That is why in the Scriptures, Moses typifies the Lord Jesus. This is what Hebrews 2 shows us. He was such a faithful servant in the house of God but he was just a type of Christ. The reality is Jesus Christ Himself. Only He can build the heavenly tabernacle. That is why at the very beginning of the New Testament, it shows us that this tabernacle is just the Lord Jesus. He is the tabernacle of God. He went through death and resurrection. This tabernacle expanded and became the church, the body of Christ. This tabernacle was enlarged into the building of God. Brothers and sisters, our description and our teaching are not sufficient. There is no way to describe it.

Let’s come and take a look at Ephesians. In the gospels, we see that it’s not easy or simple for the Lord to build His church. He came down from heaven and dwelt among us. He is the tabernacle of God. Thank and praise the Lord. Do you remember that He said that if you destroy this temple, I will raise it up again on the third day? The Jews didn’t understand this. They thought He was talking about the temple in Jerusalem. But, that was just a shadow. This temple is a person, a heavenly person, one who comes from heaven. In fact, He is the temple of God. Who can build such a temple? The Lord Jesus went through death and resurrection and ascended into the heavens and poured out His life and the church began to be built up. What does Paul say? The church is the body of Christ, the enlarged body of Christ. At first, it was just the Lord Jesus Himself. But, after death and resurrection, it became His body. This is a mystery. It’s hard for us to describe. Let’s read the Word.

Ephesians 1. I don’t know how many times I’ve read this. I think you’ve all read this many times as well. And, look, I’ve read it so many times and my Bible is falling apart. But I have to keep reading it because I still don’t understand. I keep reading and still don’t understand. So, we all need the Lord’s revelation. The Lord Jesus was raised from the dead through the power, mighty power of God (v20). Do you have this mighty power? Brother, do you? Although we have power, it cannot be compared to the mighty power of God. To build up the church of God, do you have enough power? How strong is your power? You can preach to thousands of people, but can you bear ten thousand people on your shoulders so that they can all be raised from the dead? Do you have this power? If you do, I will follow you. I will follow you wherever you go. Even if my wife wouldn’t go, I would go myself. No one has such a mighty power, that can raise Christ from the dead and also bring this Christ up to the heavens. Without such power, you cannot build the church. So, you might tell me, oh, well, then let’s all go home and forget about the building. Let’s just go home. Brother, why don’t go home to Alabama and forget about the building? Without Him, we have no way. Many people don’t believe this. I have spoken to many people and they say, yes, I know, but it doesn’t work with Christ alone, you need this and that. I tell them, no, only Christ. And, they say, no, that is not practical; they don’t believe it. If you don’t believe it, ok, you go do it. You know, this glorious God, how much He worked on Jesus Christ, with such mighty power, with manifold wisdom? God invested all His fullness in the person of Jesus Christ. Today, you don’t understand and neither do I. It’s all for the building. Now, we, based on our little strength and gift, we want to build the church? That’s a joke. The most capable one is the Vatican. This is the masterpiece of man, so great. But, it is what man has built up. Does God want that thing? O Lord Jesus.

Don’t think that God’s building is easy. That’s why it says here that there is the mighty working of His power that is in Christ, the mighty power that raised Him from the dead. Of all the people that I know, there isn’t one who has been raised from the dead. You know many capable people that have passed away, but have they been raised from the dead? Whoever hasn’t been raised from the dead is not qualified. This is not my word, but what the Bible says. If our Lord Jesus hadn’t resurrected from the dead, would we have the church today? In 1 Corinthians 15, it says that if Christ hadn’t been raised from the dead, we would still be dead in our trespasses. There are so many seated here – do you know anyone who has been raised from the dead? A great preacher? Business person? That has been raised from the dead on the third day? There is no such one. Whatever you build will go down into the grave with you. I don’t think you believe this. You think I’m talking nonsense. No. In the States, there was a very famous CEO, the CEO of Apple. While he was alive, he was really great. When he died, everyone was afraid his company would go down with him into the grave. Whatever man builds will go with him to the grave. So, today, I do not have any assurance at all. I have to fully depend on the death and resurrection of Christ. Or else, what can we build up?

You think you have a good understand of all the teachings. Today, I have no interest to debate with people concerning doctrines. Some say, John, how come you pray without saying in the name of the Lord? How do you know that I do not pray in the name of the Lord? How do you know that? 24 hours a day, I could be continually calling on the name of the Lord, but you can’t hear this. Even though you may not hear it, it doesn’t mean it hasn’t been prayed to the Lord. Let us be foolish and ask the Lord – does He hear your prayers more or hear my prayers more? It is not man’s imagination. What’s the use of debating about such teachings? We need to know this risen Christ and be in constant fellowship with Him. It’s not just a sentence that will cause the Lord to answer your prayers (I pray in the name of the Lord, but may not say the sentence). I don’t object to saying that. But, God is living. He knows your heart. He knew Paul, Moses, His prophets, Elijah. He listened to them. The Bible says that He hears the prayers of the righteous. So, if I say that I pray in His name and everyday am not righteous but you don’t say that but are righteous, whose prayer does He answer? O Lord. (Sorry, I am here to talk about the building, not about prayer. But the Lord’s house is a house of prayer!) So, if there is a person, such as Paul, who prays unceasingly, from morning to night, how many times would he have to say that he prays in the name of the Lord Jesus? If you pray three times a day and say it three times a day, it may be doable, but if you pray moment by moment, then what do you do? Man’s concepts are too complicated. You have to know this Christ who is risen, because the church is built up through death and resurrection. O Lord. So, today, when we speak of the building, it’s not building through man’s methods, but through the working God’s mighty power, who raised Christ from the dead.

And not only that, but He brought Christ to the throne and all things were placed under His feet. We are often under the feet of all things versus all things being under our feet. We are so upside down. If we build the church, everything has to be under our feet. See, even the translation of this is difficult because we have such concepts. If we have family problems and there is fighting at home and we are under the feet of these problems, how will we build the church? If the problems come and I’m under the feet of my own temper, how will I build the church? We need one person – the one seated on the throne. Satan will use all the powers of darkness, all things, especially yourself, your pride, to press you down. You appreciate your own message. If you say your own message is good, everything is over. The Lord will say, ok, that’s your message. I didn’t give that message. You go and receive the glory. Once you get the glory, can that build up the church? There are many problems which we cannot overcome. How can we build? So, when we read Ephesians 1, we need to touch the real thing. We need the enthroned Christ. If you have such a one, then God can set Him as head over all things to the church. Without such a Person, the church cannot be brought forth.

May the Lord have mercy on us, because we have not seen the heavenly vision. We’ve only seen some teachings, some exposition of the Bible. If we have the heavenly vision, we would tell the Lord, I will obey the heavenly vision and follow You. This way, only in this way, can the church be built up. So, when we read Revelation and see the New Jerusalem, we need to say that it comes out of God from heaven. I repeat, it comes from heaven. Remember these words. Out of God, from heaven. If it comes out of man, and descends from the US, it would be terrible. O Lord Jesus. May the Lord have mercy and change our concepts. If you want to build the church, you definitely have to know Him and enter into the Holy of Holies and come before the throne of grace. If you don’t constantly go before Him and don’t have the heavenly ladder (John 1:51) and the Lord doesn’t appear to you, it won’t work. So, is there a method? If so, then do according to this “method”. Otherwise, whatever we do is in vain. If you don’t believe this, wait until the Lord comes back.

So, in Ephesians 1, it says that God put all things under His feet. This word is too good. All things are under His feet. Matthew says that the gates of Hades cannot prevail against the church, because all things have already been put under His feet. Only if you have such a One can you build. You have to be with this Person, then everything will work. If you are not with Him, how can all things be under your feet, especially that ancient serpent, that big, red dragon. Can you overcome him? Overcome the powers of darkness? O Lord Jesus. Right? And all things that are named (Ephesians 1:21), not only in this age, but in that which is to come, the Lord has excelled above all that. Since the Lord has given us this Christ, isn’t that enough? Brother, is that sufficient? What else would we need? What else do you need in Korea? You say to me, come, come and help us. Why don’t you call out to heaven? Who can be more capable than this one to help you? But, you don’t believe, unfortunately. You think it’s not possible. You say you need a great apostle. You know, there is a much greater apostle, who is risen, seated on the throne and is in you today. Which other apostle do you want? Hebrews 2 says that He is our apostle and also our prophet. We know how to sing this song, but we don’t go to seek after Him. Right? So, when speaking about building the church, this is the reality of the building. It’s been 2000 years and man has done enough. If we still don’t learn, then there really is no way. O Lord, have mercy on us.

That is why God has put all things under His feet, and gave Him to be Head over all things to the church. Are you the Head over all things? No. You can only “sell vegetables” (the Thai expression of no, sound similar to the Chinese expression for selling vegetables). All of us are just “selling veggies” and are not building the church. He is the head over all things to the church. So, if there is a person who says he is the head of the church and says he is the representative authority of Christ, that he is the commander in chief, he is THE apostle, you need to read Ephesians 1 to that person. Tell him, go, sell veggies.

Brothers and sisters, there is no other way. We weren’t saved yesterday. We are all seasoned Christians, so to say. We have been saved for many years. You should understand this word and go, put it into practice. When you go home, go and experience the Lord in this way. Say, Lord, Your word says this and I want to experience this for the building of the church. In the end you will see that the church is His body, the fullness of Him who fills all in all. Do you know what the building of the church is? It’s to be filled by Him. If He doesn’t fill you, you are an empty church. If a certain group is filled, it may be filled with activities and the world and doctrines, and whatever else, maybe veggies?, fish?, meat?, but it is not the Body of Christ. Praise the Lord.

Meeting 9

Rev. 1:12,20; 19: 7-9; 21:1-2, 9-11

Thank and praise the Lord! Today we all need to see the heavenly vision. This vision is very important because if you have not seen this vision, then you will act loosely. We need to be clear regarding the vision of the Lord. If you do not see clearly, then you will persecute others. You yourself do not know. You think you know and you go persecute others and cause many problems. It is the same with the church. Many Christians today do not understand the church. They think church is just a Sunday morning meeting. That’s why you can go meet anywhere on Sunday morning, if the church is simply a meeting. But the church is not equal to a meeting. The church is much more wonderful. Brothers and sisters, the Lord has to open our eyes to give us revelation and to let us see that the church is the same as our Lord Jesus. There are many aspects, not just one. You see our Lord has the face of a lamb, lion, calf and also of an eagle. It is not that simple. He is both the King and at the same time a servant. He is a man and also God. Don’t just think God is the savior. He is the glorious King! You think He is a man, but actually He is God. As God He has very many aspects. Many years ago we talked about eating the Lord Jesus. Many Christians criticized us saying that we are “eating” the Lord Jesus. What can you say to that? It is not our idea to eat the Lord Jesus. It was the Lord Jesus Himself who told us to eat Him. Our Lord Jesus is too wonderful. We cannot speak enough of Him and His wonderful aspects. If we had the opportunity to stay here a few more days, you will see that we cannot even finish talking about the Lord.

Also concerning the church there are many sides. It is very amazing. Let us take a look at one point. On the outline we mention the church in a very simple way. There is a wonderful revelation of the church in the 4 gospels. I hope that when you go home you read this again because it is not simple at all. In the epistles you will see that the church is even more wonderful. In the epistles the church that the Lord describes to us is not simple at all. Let’s take a look at the church in the epistles. The church is the household, the house, and the temple of the living God. Paul tells us that you cannot be loose. You have to know how to behave yourself and how to walk in the house of God. We are all brothers and sister, born of God. We all have His life as brothers and sisters. But the reality of this is in the Spirit. If you are not in the Spirit, although you are children of God, if you are fleshly, then you are no different than the heathen. That is why the brothers and sisters in the church need to learn to live in the Spirit. Today there are so many Christians. Everybody is very spiritual. They say, “Oh, look, we are all brothers and sisters!” But if you live in your flesh, what should we do? It is hard to deal with. Don’s say, “I’m also a brother!” What did Paul say? If a brother claims to be a brother but he is a drunkard and commits fornication everyday and he is covetous and loose, idolatrous, can you still consider him your brother? What did Paul say? Do not even greet him! You may think that Paul is wrong and has no love. But you are wrong. Paul has more love than you do. But what should be done with a fleshly Christian? It is hard to deal with. If you say the church is the house of God and we all are brothers and sisters, it is not that simple. That is why Paul said to cast such out. Do not even eat with them nor greet them until he truly repents. Then you can receive him back. Without repentance it is not possible. Without repentance Paul said to consider him as a heathen. Even in Matthew 18 the Lord Jesus says to consider him as a heathen. Now tell me, are these brothers and sisters? If we say today that the church is a household of God it is not easy at all. The reality of this is in the Spirit. We need to live and walk in the Spirit. Otherwise there is no way. Why is the house of God so divided? There are so many denominations and so many groups and you say they are all children of God. So why is it so troublesome? Because you do not live in the Spirit. In 1 Tim 3 Paul said it is the mystery of godliness, God manifested in the flesh. Sometimes when we say that the church is the house of God I say, “Oh, Lord!” Such a thing cannot be said in a loose way. Some say I am your brother, so matter what you do, you still have to recognize me as your brother. I will say you are wrong. The Lord Jesus says you have to consider him as a heathen. What are you going to do? So when we speak of the church it is not a simple matter. Oh, Lord Jesus. Let us take another look. Concerning the Father, the church is not only His house but also His temple. Don’t think that the temple is very simple. What do you do in a temple? Meet? Have a meeting? Go and read some more. What did Peter say? It is a spiritual temple, a holy priesthood. Oh dear. Are you a priest? Are you? If I were to ask everyone today if you are a Christian, everybody would probably raise their hands. So I ask you now, “Are you a Christian?” Amen? Amen! And are you also priests? Amen! Now as a priest what do you do? Do you offer up sacrifices every day? Nobody said amen now. So what kind of a priest are you. Do you tell the Lord daily that He is your sin offering? Who has told the Lord today that they are thankful that the Lord is your sin offering? At least one here. We only have one priest here in the meeting tonight. So as a priest, you have to know how to offer up sacrifices. What about the burnt offering? Have you ever even heard about it? The church is a spiritual temple, a holy priesthood to offer up spiritual sacrifices to the Father. So if we say that we are the church and the temple of the living God, what do you do in the temple? Just listen to messages? One brother said to eat the show bread. Do you really do that? Once a week you eat the bread? In the Old Testament it is once a week and we break the bread once a week, but in actuality you have to eat daily. If you do not eat daily, then how are you going to live? The priest does not just eat bread once a week. Yes it has to be placed before God. But after it is placed there the priests have to eat of it daily. Lord Jesus! That is why it is not that easy to be a priest. We do not have the inward sense, right. That is why today most of our meetings are just preaching and listening. When you go home think about it. We have to prepare well by enjoying the Lord as all our offerings. And when you come to the meetings, one by one you offer up what you have enjoyed by the Lord to God and let God enjoy it. Brothers and sisters, just in the point alone we are not up to standard. What should we do? It is not easy to change. It is not easy at all. So what should we do? Lord Jesus, have mercy on us. He really needs to have mercy on us.

Now let’s go on to the second point. Concerning Christ the church is the living body of Christ. It should be full of the substance of Christ; correspond to Christ. Look at our bodies, whatever we want to do it does. At any time the body is one with the head. Whatever the head wants to do the body immediately takes action. Is it the same with the body of Christ? The brother is shaking his head. The Lord wants to do something. He tells you about it and you answer, “I don’t have the burden.” He says let’s go preach the gospel and you say, “I don’t know how. It is not my gift to go preach the gospel.” Maybe the Lord Jesus wants to go visit the saints or a certain person and I say, “I’m tired.” The Body of Christ is such a body. The right hand and the left hand keep fighting with one another. They are not in agreement. That is why when you say the church is the body of Christ the doctrine may be easy but the reality is not that easy. Oh, Lord Jesus, you must save us, fill us. May the Holy Spirit work within us. Each one of us needs to live Christ. Paul says we must grow up into all things into the head, which is Christ. This is not an easy thing. Without practice it doesn’t work inwardly you do not have such a concept or even the thought, let alone the will to say that in my living today I want to submit to the Lord. I want to obey the Lord. Whatever He says I want to say, “Amen!” None of us have this attitude yet we are the body of Christ. What should be done? It is not that easy. We should not be talking about teachings. Are you a member of the body of Christ? Do you submit to Christ? Whatever the Lord says you go and do it and whatever the Lord wants you say amen? Besides, we are so well coordinated. If the members are not well fitted together, well coordinated, then what can be done? So concerning the body of Christ I don’t dare to say much. Even the four brothers here sitting in the front row, are you well coordinate with one another? Do you fit together? We say that we are the body of Christ. Sometimes I do not even dare to say that, because you do your thing and I do my thing. The church is the body of Christ.

The Church is also the bride of Christ. Revelation tells us that if we are the bride of Christ, then we need to give Him our best love. Not only our first live but our best love, because He is our bridegroom. Do you love the Lord? Of course you love the Lord. But the second question is how much do you love Him? Do you offer up to Him your very best love? Let me ask you, at least have you ever told the Lord, “Lord, I want to place my best love on the altar to offer up to you.”? Have you done that before? I know you all have said before, Lord I love you. But have you ever said the Lord from the deepest part of your being, “Lord, I want to offer up my best, highest love to you.”? Young sister, have you done that? If you have ever done that before, your love for the Lord is not enough. You wouldn’t experience that you love the Lord to such an extent that you are willing to drop everything. The Lord loves you to the extent that He even laid down His life for you. If you have never placed your heart on the altar and told the Lord, “Lord, I offer to you my best love.” you will not experience the best love. It is not too late now. There is still time now. Offer up your heart and your love upon the altar and tell the Lord, “Lord, I offer up to you this love.” If you have not done it before, then you have to do it now. The Lord Jesus said, if you love your father, mother, children, son, grandchildren more than you love me then you are not worthy. This is a serious word. Don’t think that the Lord Jesus was joking here. When we say that the church is the bride of Christ don’t say Hallelujah so quickly. Did you hear the Lord Jesus saying Hallelujah? You said Hallelujah but did the Lord say Hallelujah? The Lord will not say Hallelujah to your teachings. The Lord told Ephesus that they had already fallen since they left their first love. Brothers and sisters I am not saying that you have to drop everything. By no means! But if the Lord tells you to do so, are you willing to do so? If the Lord wants you to offer up you best love to Him would you be willing to leave everything? When Paul saw Him he left everything. Peter, John and James left everything. Right George? Who is the most important person in your heart? It is not easy. This is too important. The Lord Jesus is the only one who is worthy for us to offer up our whole heart to. Thank the Lord. I hope that all the brothers and sisters would be able to experience this. It does not mean to say that you do not love your children anymore. But you should not love your children more than the beloved Lord Jesus. Thank and praise the Lord. The church is the bride of Christ. May the brothers and sisters all remember this.

We go on to see that the church herself is the new man, the new creation. Do you like the new man or do you prefer the old man. Really the new man? Then each day what you live out is it more of the new or of the old man that you live out? Huh? You do not dare to answer. I’m sorry; I give you too much trouble tonight. I do not just want to share teachings. Concerning the Father what is the church? Concerning the Lord Jesus what is the church? Concerning ourselves do we live in the new man or in the old man as the church? It is very unfortunate that many Christians are still living in the old creation. That is why the church is not able to go on. Is it not like this? You all know these Bible verse. I don’t just want to read through them here. We all have to wake up.

What is the church to the enemy? This is the last point to cover here in the epistles. The church is the holy army of God. Are you victorious in warfare? Are you victorious daily or defeated daily? Do we win the battle daily? Let’s not talk about teachings here. The church should be victorious because our Lord has a face of a lion. He is victorious. How come He is victorious but we are defeated? The church should also be victorious. Especially since the church has been here for many years overcoming Satan, the powers of darkness, the devil, flesh, the world, sin. But why are we still not able to overcome? Do you have no feeling? Does it not bother you? We all have to tell the Lord it cannot be this way. The church is your holy army. Like we saw in Psalm 110 or in Ephesians 6.The church should be victorious. Just like when the Israelites went through the wilderness, passing through one country after another, they always won the battle. But we are always defeated. Oh, Lord Jesus! We all need to repent before the Lord and pray telling the Lord, “Lord, I want to change.” We need a turning point in our church life. Many churches are not able to go on or able to overcome. They have no power in preaching the gospel. Even before fighting with the enemy they are fighting among themselves. Oh Lord Jesus! Is it not so? We have to repent and change in a good way. Tell the Lord, “From now on we don’t want to be like this.” In Revelation 2 & 3 the Lord told the churches you have to repent. You have to overcome. You have to hear what the Spirit says to the churches. Don’t just listen to messages because that is useless. We have much work to do in Thailand, Southeast Asia, Malaysia, and Vietnam. The Lord has much work that has to be done, in Korea. Yet we are so slow. We don’t think about it. We do not cooperate with Him. Year after year we are just in the same old way, sitting around like this. We have to repent. We have to wake up because our Lord has much work to be done. In Thailand from the north to the south there are so many idolaters worshipping idols but you do not have the strength to tell them not to worship idols and you do not pray to object to it. You are so used to seeing idols. You even think they are pretty nice. There is not reaction in you. We are indebted to the people around us. You speak to me and I speak to you. Why don’t you go speak to the other people outside? You have been listening for several years. Not it is your turn to go tell it to them. Isn’t it true? May the gospel prosper in the churches and may the gospel be spread out in a powerful way. Cast out the demons and chase away the powers of darkness. Just like when Jesus was on this earth, no matter where He went the demons fled. In the church it must be just the same. We need to see such a church life.

In the very end the church is a golden lampstand. This world is in darkness. There is no light. No matter where you go there is only darkness. Right? In Malaysia it is very dark. The darkness of the world and also the darkness of religion. Also we ourselves are sometimes in our own darkness. So the Lord places the churches in the world to be a golden lampstand. It must be shining. It should cause the people of the world to see the light. Tell me, how many see this lampstand here in Bangkok? Are you a golden lampstand? Yes? Is it shining? Lord Jesus! You know for yourself. The church has to be shining. The church should not only be shining, but the church should be very attractive to people. It is full of fine gold. Once people look at it they desire to have it. If the church is not shining then what are we doing here? Are we giving a good testimony? Are we shining forth God’s light? On the campuses, at work, in the neighborhood? We must be shining forth this glorious light of the Lord. This then is the church of the Lord. The church has to work to such an extent. It is not that easy, because we are used to listening. I am not explaining the Bible to you here. But I want to see a golden lampstand here. There must be a golden lampstand in Georgetown, in Iksan. In Thailand there should be many golden lampstands to chase the darkness away. Remember in John 1, life is in Him and this light is the light of man. This light shines into the darkness and the darkness is not able to overcome it. This is how the church should be. If not then we also need to repent. We need to repent. I don’t know what you are doing. You meet each Lord’s Day, you meet and you meet. Do you shine? Truly so brothers and sisters. I am not criticizing but I would like to see us change. I told Brother Lei, if there is no change, then what am I coming to Thailand for? Why do you come all the way from Germany over here? If there is no change, no improvement, no repentance and you cannot accomplish God’s will, then these meetings that we have are useless. Next year you can do it yourself and I won’t come. It is useless. If you want to have such meetings then we need to practice God’s word. When we go back we put the word into practice. We say, “Lord, the church here in our place has to change. You have to help us. You are our head. If you don’t help us what are we going to do?” I’m serious brothers and sisters. We don’t have much time. If we don’t turn now then we are hopeless, beyond help. Each church needs to be a golden lampstand brothers and sisters.

The last point on the outline is that the church is the New Jerusalem. Do not think that the NJ is only for the future. You are wrong. The building of the NJ begins today. Tomorrow I will prove it to you. Today the NJ is being built. If you do not build it today, then in the future there will be no NJ. The NJ is build today. Let’s take a look at Revelation 3. What did the Lord say to the church in Philadelphia? Rev. 3:12 “He who overcomes, I will make him a pillar in the temple of My God, and he shall go out no more. I will write on him the name of My God and the name of the city of My God, the New Jerusalem, which comes down out of heaven from My God. And I will write on him My new name.” The Lord will write the name of the NJ on you. Thank the Lord. Has the Lord written the NJ on you already? Has He? Is the NJ in your heart? Or is it not on your heart? Aja! If the Lord has not written the NJ on you then you will not even think about the NJ. You do not have a thought or concept about the NJ at all. You just think that is in the future. Let us take a look at Hebrews 12. After that you can go home and dream. You can dream about the New Jerusalem. Hebrews 12:22 “But you have come to Mount Zion and to the city of the living God, the heavenly, Jerusalem...[23] the church of the firstborn”. Today we have come to Zion. The church is Zion. It is a holy city of God, the NJ. Heavenly Jerusalem. From this you see that the Lord is building the heavenly Jerusalem among us today. Do not think that the NJ is only in the future. Paul didn’t say you will go there, he said, “you have come”. That is why the church is not such a simple matter. We will continue tomorrow. Tomorrow is the last day. Pray well.

Meeting 10

Rev. 21

The most important point in the Bible is to get to know this living God. First of all, God is hidden above the third heavens. You cannot climb up there to see. Second of all, we are fallen sinners. There is no way for us to see Him. That is why there is no way for man to see this glorious God. So what can we do? God became man through Jesus Christ and came to dwell among us. The Bible tells us that He is full of grace and truth and reality. If this were not the case, then there would be no way for God and man to have fellowship with one another. Paul says in 1 Tim. 2 there is only one mediator between God and man. There is only one, not man, because no one is qualified. There are many religious people in the world from many kinds of religions. They are all false. There is no way for them to manifest this living God to you. There is no way for them to solve the problems of man. Who can solve man’s problems? Which religion can solve man’s problems? Which religion can bring you to God? Can Buddha do that? That idol cannot move on its own. It has to be carried by man. The flood is coming. But Buddha cannot run away by himself. He is dead. He is manmade. The idols cannot walk away by themselves. It is very strange that living people go and worship a dead stone. Tell me is that wise? I thought man was very intelligent. Isn’t that strange, that intelligent people go and worship a piece of stone? This is too pitiful. It goes to show that man is in darkness and has been deceived by the devil Satan. Only this one person of Jesus Christ can bring us to God. The Lord Jesus said a very wonderful word: No man can go to the Father except through me. He said I am the life, I am the truth and I am also the way. There is no other. You cannot find another one. Thank and praise the Lord. We need to know this great Christ. The Bible shows us that this Christ is too great. I hope that the brothers and sisters would seek after Him in a good way. He is living and He will appear and speak to you. He will give you the Spirit of revelation. When you read the Bible He will give you revelation and enlightenment. You will discover how great the Lord is. He is even more glorious and more wonderful for you to even be able to experience. Everything that is written and spoken of in the Bible is God’s promises to you. All the promises of God, whatever is written in this book, are reality in Christ. Amen! They are true. You can’t experience it. Unfortunately you don’t care. You don’t want it. If you don’t want it then there is no way. If man does not want it then God will not force it upon him. God does not force man. If Brother Lei wants to give you 1 million Baht, and you don’t want it, he won’t force you. If you don’t want it, then I won’t force it. But God wants to give us Himself. You don’t know how great and how rich this God is. When Paul saw Christ he just threw away everything. He didn’t want anything else. He threw away the entire Judaism. He considered everything as dung. As dung! Compared to Christ everything is dung. It’s just like feces. It is of no value at all. Do you believe that? When the Lord comes back, everything that man has made will be destroyed. What the most pitiful thing is, is that we still consider all these things to be so precious. We treasure this thing and that. You even sell your own soul. This is pathetic. I could still understand when people of the world still do this. But I cannot understand that people like you do this. I truly cannot understand. This goes to prove that you do not know how precious Christ is. That is why you consider other things as so important. Isn’t that the case brothers and sisters? We need the heavenly vision. We need Christ. In our lifetime we may only have 80 or 90 years. I don’t know how many years we have left. What do we want to gain? In 1996 or 1997 I went to visit my sister in the US. She had a good friend and her older brother was not even 40. He was a professor at MIT and had received many, many rewards. But he got cancer and was about to die in the hospital. So my older sister brought me to see him, since he wanted to know how to be saved. Somebody had already preached the gospel to him but he didn’t yet have the assurance of his salvation. Do you know what he told me? I am foolish! Before, I considered education, money and success to be so important. And I gained them all. In fact I was very successful as a professor at MIT. It was something to be admired. But now that he was about to die he realized that all these things are really useless. He said, “I am really stupid. If I were to be given another opportunity, I wouldn’t want these things.” But he had no chance, since he was about to die. He asked, “How do I know that I am saved? I cannot even crawl or get up to be baptized. Am I saved? What do I have to do?” So I shared the gospel with him in a simple way. And then he said, “The Bible says believe and be baptized and you will be saved. I have believed but I have no way to get up to be baptized. How shall I be saved?” So I shared with him about the robber who was hanged next to Jesus on the cross. Jesus told him, “Today, you will be with me in paradise.” The Lord had no way either. He couldn’t jump down from the cross, baptize him and then put him back up there again. But the Lord told this robber, “Today you will be with me in paradise.” After he heard that tears ran down his face. He thanked and praised the Lord. But still he was full of regret for losing a lifetime of opportunities. So today you are still living and you are in the church. There are many opportunities for you to gain Christ, to live Him out and to testify of Him. But you still don’t go and do that. So what should be done? May the Lord have mercy on us. You have to know Christ. Just like Paul. Even the apostle John, when Christ was on this earth John perhaps knew Christ better than anybody else. But in the book of revelation, when the Lord appeared to him, he had never before seen such a Christ. The riches of Christ are unsearchable. Paul had such a longing. He said, “I want to know Him.” That is why in the church today don’t go after any teachings or knowledge. You have to go after the Lord and seek Him. Do not think that you already know Him. There are different degrees of knowing this Christ. If I were to ask you if you have gone to school, you will say yes. How much schooling? Oh, I’ve been kindergarten. I’ve been to elementary school. But is that sufficient? If you graduate from elementary school you can’t even read the newspaper. So then you finish middle school and high school. But there is still the university. And after you have finished university there is still graduate school. And after that you can do doctoral studies. It is not so easy. So don’t think, oh, I have gone to school. Don’t say, oh, I know Christ. How much of Christ do you really know? Brothers and sisters, we who are in the church, for us it is the most important thing to know Christ. He is too great, rich and glorious. The more you get to know that the more you realize that you can’t get enough of Him. Only those who don’t quite know Him think they have enough. If you truly know the Lord you would feel ashamed because you do not know enough. It is truly so. That is why when we come to the book of Revelation our Lord is too wonderful, too great. Now, let me ask you, do you know the Lord as the morning star? Do you know that He is the morning star? You have to know Him. The Lord Jesus said, “TO him who overcomes, I will give him the morning star.” Do you know Christ as the hidden manna? Do you know Christ as the white stone, the shining white stone? Do you know Him as such in this way? So we all need to seek after Him. As long as you have the opportunity you need to get the Lord daily. You have made enough money already. Don’t go and make more. Why don’t you go and make Christ, go and gain Christ? Lord Jesus. May the Lord have mercy on us. We also need to know the church because Christ and the church is the mystery of the universe. Paul said this is a great mystery. Christ is living. So His church also needs to be living. Christ is heavenly, so the church also needs to be heavenly, because the church is the body of Christ. He is filled with the fullness of the godhead. He is the one who is fill with all in all. Today we had fellowship with a few sisters. The church is not a church building. If you know the church as a church building, this is dead. The church is the body of Christ. It is living. It is full of life. Truly so. The church is connected and joined to the head Christ. And it has to correspond to the head. This is a mystery. We are all members of the body of Christ. That is why we have to be fully coordinated. The Bible says fitly joined together, just like our physical body has so many parts, inside and outside. There are some that you cannot see, some are visible, but all are fitly joined together. Whether it be your muscles, bones or organs, they are all fitly joined together. Man’s body is very amazing. All those who study medicine will tell you that it is so wonderful. Each part has its function and all are fit together. This is the body. If the body is dead…o dear. Then bit by bit it falls apart. Your nose falls of, your fingers, followed by the arm, then the foot. Soon eyes fall out. After a person dies the body divides. It is no longer a body. You call it a corpse and not a body. A body is living but a corpse is dead. The body is fitted together and the corpse is scattered into pieces. Do you remember what Ephesians says? To be fitly joined together? But we are fighting with each other. Tell me, has your right hand ever fought with your left hand? Your right foot wants to come to Thailand but your left foot wants to stay in NYC. Will that work brother? No! But we Christians are like that. We don’t care. We have our own viewpoints and do not agree. TO then still say that you are the body of Christ is a doctrine, and a doctrine is useless. Don’t talk about doctrines. You have to see the vision. The body is one. This is what my Bible tells me. Eph. 4: The body is one, one spirit, one God. So why is the church divided into so many kinds? Baptist, Chinese, Thai, so many types of churches. George, how many bodies to you have? What kind of a body? One part is Chinese and one part is African and everyday you fight within yourself? You have not seen the vision. You just think randomly. Christians are so divided. The division shows that it is dead and not the body. It is not a body but a corpse. James tells us the body without the spirit is dead. That is why don’t just keep saying, “What church? This church. That church.” The church is living. Christ indwells us. You have to be a living member. Live Christ. I also need to be a member who lives Christ. So if each of us is a member who lives Christ then we can be joined together. And whatever we do we are all coordinated. Do not think my thinking is just with my mouth. My eyes and my hands are also speaking. If my mouth wants to speak but my eyes want to go to sleep, how can my mouth speak? I stand up here with sleeping eyes and my mouth is speaking, you will not be able to hear me. Many people go to meetings just to sleep. The body of Christ needs to be coordinated. In Ephesians the Lord Jesus said He loves His church. We have to love and care for our physical body in order to remain healthy. Paul said in 1 Cor. 12 one thing: If one member suffers, the whole body suffers. Isn’t that true? If your pinky finger suffers, if it were cut off, your entire would suffer because it is all joined together. But in the church, one brother is suffering and you don’t even know about it, nor do you care. You have no feeling. “That’s his problem!’ Is that the body? You should not just speak about teachings. The church is the body of Christ. In Eph. 5 He says: Christ nourishes and cherishes the church. Paul said these two words: cherish and nourish. The body of Christ should be healthy. Only in this way can you be together with Him. The Lord Jesus has much to do on this year. He has the ability to do all of it because He is God. He created all things. He is almighty. He was, He is, and is to come. But He doesn’t want to do it by Himself. He just wants to be the head and consider us all as His body. You know, the Lord is doing this for our glory, for us to be able to be joined unto Christ. This is our glory! He loves us too much! Don’t think just, “OK, we believed in the Lord and now we have become His members.” It is not like this. When you were baptized, you were baptized into Christ. Paul says: Do you no know that you who have been baptized into Christ have been joined to Him. He is in you and you are in Him. You are joined unto Him. Isn’t this very glorious? Those who worship Buddha, are they joined to Buddha? Can you be joined to this stone? Even if it were possible, I don’t want to do that. I would be scared to death. It is too glorious to become a member of the body of Christ. Then you become a partaker of all the riches of Christ. Just like when two people get married. I am saying these things for the sake of the new ones among us. Let’s say I am a very poor woman and I owe a lot of debt. And this brother is a very rich trillionare in Thailand with lots and lots of money. Somehow we fell in love. I don’t know how I deserved it. Then one day we get married. For me it is a glory, right? He paid all my debt. If he did not love me, would he do such a thing? The Lord loves us so much. I didn’t know that we are so loveable. Are you so loveable? He loves us so much that He came to save us. He wants us to be baptized into Him, and we should be joined unto Him. It is too glorious. You have to see this. Today we have become members of His body. One day when He comes to be King and He wants to rule over all things, as members of His body we can become co-kings with Him. We will inherit all things together with our Lord Jesus Christ. This is too great! It is not a matter of going to heaven. You house is pretty enough. You don’t need to go to heaven. Right? You see, the New Jerusalem descends from heaven unto this new heaven and new earth. The concept in religion is that you always want to go to heaven. But our God wants to come down from heaven. He wants to set up His kingdom on this earth. Isn’t that the case? Do not look down on this. Brothers and sisters, the Bible did not say that the meek will inherit heaven. Matt. 5 says: the meek shall inherit what? The earth! Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. Let me ask you, if God were to give you the choice, to say to you, would you like to inherit heaven or the earth, He gives you the option to choose heaven or earth, which would you choose? The earth? Truly so? This is what the Bible tells us. We will inherit the earth. Why would the Lord Jesus come back again? If this earth is so important, why does He want to come back? Just to come once is enough. I come to Thailand, see a flood, and then I don’t need to come back again. The Lord Jesus came once, but He is waiting to come again. And when He comes a second time He wants to bring down the kingdom of heavens and set up His millennial kingdom on this earth. He comes down on earth, and you want to go to heaven. If you want to go to heaven you had better go today, because today He is still there. You may think I am joking. Actually this is really a joke. It’s a joke how terrible man’s concept is. Why is it called a holy Jerusalem? Because the NJ is the kingdom of God. Do not forget the gospel begins with the book of Matthew, where the Lord Jesus is shown as the king. Matthew is the gospel of the kingdom. Do not forget that the kingdom is near. It does not say repent because you have to go to heaven. Repent because the kingdom is near. God created the entire universe. But God cares for this earth. If you read the book of Job you will read that when God created the earth all the angels were rejoicing and praising God because it was too marvelous. If you were to go to the moon, Tobi, would you like to go and live there? Ok, you may say that the moon is not so pretty, so then go to Mars. And if Mars is not good enough then try out Venus. If Venus is not big enough you can go live on a bigger planet. Here you live very comfortably. If you go live over there you have to put on lots of equipment and suits. You can’t even breathe up there. I don’t understand why man likes to go up there so much. People do not understand God. They don’t realize how much God wants to dwell together with us. In the beginning the Lord brought the children of Israel out of Egypt. In the wilderness God had to tell Moses, quickly, build me a tabernacle. I want to dwell with my people, and dwell among them. As soon as the tabernacle was built, immediately God’s glory filled the temple. When the people entered the good land, they know that God wants to gain a kingdom. He chose Jerusalem. In the age of David and Solomon He choose people to build His temple. And when the temple was built, immediately His glory filled the temple. This glorious God wants to rule over the nations. You say He is in up in heaven, He is too far away. He cannot rule from there. Can He rule from heaven? Surely, no matter where He is He can rule from there. But He doesn’t want to do that. He wants to rule here on earth. What do you have to say? Why don’t you all go up there? Leave me your portion here on the earth. Tobi, why don’t you go up there and hand over your portion to me? That is why you shouldn’t say that you know God. It is not a simple matter. You have to know God’s plan. You have to know God’s desire. You have to know what God wants to do. Why is there Jerusalem? Why is there a holy and new Jerusalem? What is the meaning of Jerusalem in the Bible? It is the city of the great King. He wants to reign over the whole world out of Jerusalem. Do not look down on the church. You consider the church in Bangkok as the meeting hall in Provit (a part of Bangkok). That is not the church. The church is the kingdom of God. Otherwise what are you doing there up in the north? Your concept is that the church is just meetings, meetings and more meetings. And in the meetings you just give messages. There is no way for me to describe the church. The church is living. Daily all the brothers and sisters are joined unto Christ the head and live for the will of God. Right? They are being built up together. The church is not on Sunday. Church is not once a week. In the US there are stores called 7/11, also here in Thailand. Why do they call it 7/11? 7 means there are 7 days in a week and 11 means that they are open 11 hours a day. But we are 24/7. The church is active every day. Each day there is prayer reaching heaven. Your prayer is just one hour on Tuesday evening. The Bible says pray unceasingly. The church is one hour of prayer Tuesday evening. Where is that written in the Bible? It’s not written? Then why do you do it? Did the King tell you to do that or do you do it on your own accord. We do many things just following traditions that have been passed on to us, but it is not what the word has told us. That is why we need a vision. The church today IS the New Jerusalem. The Lord needs to reign in us each day, in our personal life, family life. Don’t think you can be loose in your household. No, your house is related to His house. Your personal life has to do with His kingdom. Just like this country. If everyone is a thief then what would happen to this country? Don’t think the New Jerusalem is automatically glorious. The glory is in Rev. Chapter 21. In Song 979 (776), and once you finish singing it the glory is over. I am trying to explain to help the brothers and sister to see that the vision is in the spirit. Your spiritual sense has to be opened to see the vision. The church is the NJ today. There is a king there. Only in the way will your living change. Otherwise you will be loose. You come to the meetings on Sunday and you become a little more spiritual. But after you go home you put off the new man and put on the old man again. This is not the NJ. May the Lord have mercy on us. It is no use to know so much. You have to put it into practice, experience it and allow the Lord to dwell in you. Have fellowship with Him daily, receive His revelation and allow Him to transform your person. Right? Seek the Lord in a good way and be built up together with the brothers and sister in order to fulfill God’s will here in Thailand. Do God’s work here and defeat God’s enemy. Bring more people into the kingdom of God. The gospel of John doesn’t just say to be believe in the Lord to be saved. You must believe in order to enter into the kingdom. Let’s read a verse in Colossians. Col. 1:13 “He has delivered us from the power of darkness and conveyed us into the kingdom of the Son of His love.” Amen! Today, are you living in the kingdom of the Son of His live? You know for yourself. Today we are in Christ. We are in the kingdom of God. We cannot be loose. We have to be bold by our King. May the brothers and sisters all have such a perspective and have such a sense within. Only then can the NJ appear. The NJ, the holy city of Jerusalem is the holy city of God. Thank and praise the Lord. Amen.

Meeting 11

Rev. 21

Rev 3:12 “He who overcomes, I will make him a pillar in the temple of My God, and he shall go out no more. And I will write on him the name of My God and the name of the city of My God, the New Jerusalem, which comes down out of heaven from My God. And [I will write on him] My new name.” Thank the Lord. After reading this verse, all will realize that God’s temple today is living. It is not something outward. Otherwise how can you become a pillar? Tobi, would you like to be a pillar? But if God’s temple is not living, how can you become a pillar? Would you like to become a pillar in this meeting hall? I will put you here and make you a pillar here. Would you want it? This meeting hall is a dead building. John, Peter, James, etc, were the pillars in the church in Jerusalem. The Lord’s building up today in the church needs pillars and overcomers, those who are matured. It is not just about giving messages and being mouthpieces. You need to have experiences of Christ. Life is something stable and constant. Your inner man is strong. Only in this way can you become a pillar in the temple of God. The church needs such brothers and sisters. He how overcomes, I will make him a pillar in the temple of my God. Besides, the Lord will also write the name of our God on him. There is a great difference between the Old and New Testament. In the old covenant God wrote the laws on the tablets of stones, which is something outward. It is easy to have things written on stone tablets. God was the one who invented the writing of the fingers. He gave Moses 2 tablets and it is written in an outward way. But in the new covenant God wants to write in your heart; it is inward, written in the tablets of your heart. It has been worked into you. In the old covenant, it is written outwardly and no one cares for it. Even if they want to practice it, they couldn’t. Today if the word of God is just written in the bible and you read it, understood it and close your book, yet you would not be able to practice it. This is because it would be just being written in an outward way. But if God's word is written in your heart by the Holy Spirit, it will become a part of your life; very automatically you will be able to live it out.

Many people believe in God but only in an outward way. But of course it is better as not believing. But whatever He says, you are not able to do it. That is why God wants to write His name in you, meaning to say, He wants to write Himself into you. Are you willing to let Him write in you? Amen? Thank the Lord. It is only in this way that is good. It is not just His name, but also the name of His holy city. This point is very important. Why so? Many people say, “yes I want God, but the church; the church is not important.” I have heard many such sayings. “Don’t talk to me about the church. The Lord Jesus is ok, but the church is not that important.” But that is not what the word of God says. You may say, yes fine please write Your name in me but not the name of the city. What would God’s reaction be? How would God react to that? “Fine, fine, I will just write My name and that is enough”? Would God do that? You don’t want the holy city, Jerusalem. God would say, “I am sorry, on My stamp the name of the holy city is already on there. If I put My stamp there and yet you don’t want the name of the holy city, then you might as well not get it, not even My name!” You don’t want His church, then what do you want Him for? That is why we need to have a good understanding of the church. You want the King and yet not His kingdom? There is no way for that to work. Ion the end the Lord said, I will write the name of the city of My god. You say that you love the Lord, but do you love the church? You need to love the Lord and if you do love Him, then you must also love the church.

I am sorry, but the heavenly vision is Christ AND the church. If you don’t want it, that is your choice. But God wants it. You see at the very end in the book of Revelation from the building of God, the most precious part is for us to see the holy city New Jerusalem. If you don’t want it, then what do you want? In the very end of the bible shows us the holy city, New Jerusalem. But man is also a problem, just like the children of Israel, they want to enter into the good land but they do not want Jerusalem. The good land comes with Jerusalem. Either you want the good land or you receive no land. If you want the good land and yet you don’t want the New Jerusalem, you will end up having no land. What do you want? The Good land or NO land? If you don’t want the holy city Jerusalem and Jerusalem is destroyed, then the good land will become no land. In the end Israel lost its nation. The good land became no land for them. You should not say that you want the Lord but not the New Jerusalem. In the end you will have nothing at all. We are not speaking in a loose way. When you read the bible to the end and if you don’t have Jerusalem, what do you then have?

Without the holy city, New Jerusalem, what does God have? Not only do you have no land left, tell me, what does God have? The Lamb is there, the bridegroom but there is no bride. Tell me, is that a good thing? Are you still the bridegroom? The brothers here who are not married yet, are the future bridegrooms but they don’t have brides. What bridegroom would you be? At the end of the bible there is a bridegroom without a bride would be an embarrassment. Think about it. Do not daydream in any old way but consider according to God’s word. Would the Lamb be happy at that time? The angel would say, John, John let me show you the bridegroom. John would have asked, where is the bride? Oh there is no bride. Would that be glorious? The marriage feast has come and everyone is happy and they come attending the wedding (Rev 19). They just see the bridegroom but not bride. You all like to attend weddings, right? Then tell me, at the wedding, is the bridegroom or the bride more important? What is the focus? I am sorry, nobody wants to look at the bridegroom and they all want to see the bride. They will all be waiting for the bride. Even the bridegroom would be standing there waiting for the bride. Everyone would be waiting but what happen when the bride runs away? This is the joke of the people who do not want the church. May the Lord have mercy on us. This is the reason why we pay so much attention to the church. The bible tells us that Christ loves the church and gave Himself for her. He wants to gain a glorious church without any spot or wrinkle, or without any blemish. For the sake of the new believers, let us read Eph 5:25-27. Our Lord not only wants to gain a church, but he wants to gain a glorious church. He wants to gain a church without blemish and wrinkles and is holy; not a 90 years old lady, full of wrinkles and full of blemish and spot. If you are not married yet, and if you were a young man, would you like to marry a 99 year old lady? No, no! The Lord’s church – don’t think we are joking here. In Eph 5 tells us that He wants to get a glorious church which s holy and without blemish. It is a glorious church. This is what the Lord wants to gain but you don’t care about it. Here in Bangkok you should not just ay that you are the church. But is it an old church full of wrinkles and spots? Not holy, worldly? Of the world? Are you such a church? In Rev 19 you see that the bride has made herself ready. She is very glorious and very pretty. She is glorious just like god. In Rev 21: “out of heaven from god…adorned for her husband” let me ask you here in the church in Bangkok, are you adoring yourselves, preparing for our bridegroom? Do we have such a concept? Truly so. I have not burden to share some teachings. Otherwise we would just be reading so many points. Forget about that. You have to ask yourself, in the eyes of the Lord, is the church in Bangkok beautiful and holy? Is she glorious? If not, then we still have time to repent and to prepare yourself. By the washing of the water in the word. Let’s take a look at Psalm 45. The first part speaks about our king who is victorious an glorious. He is majesty. The 2nd part speaks of the Queen. Ps. 45:10 “listen oh daughter…forget your father’s house” – forget the source of your old creation, because we do not have a good source. It is the old Adam. It is not good and it is of the flesh. What is born of the flesh is not good. But we have been bored again. Forget about the past and come enjoy the new creation. Then would the king greatly enjoy your beauty. This king is not referring to David, but to our glorious King. He would greatly desire your beauty. Does the Lord desire the beauty of the church? But if the church is full of darkness and is loving the world, so fleshly, would the King desire her? You have to ask the Lord. Lord, am I pretty? Don’t think that you yourself are pretty, but go ask the Lord. You might think that you are pretty but when He looks at you, He might run away. What is the standard of our beauty? Whatever that is not of the new creation, the Lord does not want it. Do not think that for the Lord everything goes. Even for you, not everything goes. Would you just go onto the street and marry just someone off the street? No, of course not! The bride of Christ, the church, should be glorious. The King would then greatly desire your beauty because He is your Lord. Worship Him! Ps. 45:13 “the daughters…” this is too wonderful.

The Queen’s clothing is woven with gold. Do you have such a clothing? For this you have to read Rev 19:8 “arrayed in fine linen, clean and white”. This is the same principle. It is bright and it shines. Ps. 45 say it is woven with golden thread…just like the lamp stand, the church, is hammered out from one block of gold. Today, are you preparing such a wedding garment? On the wedding day, the most important thing for the bride is the wedding gown. You don’t put it on every day. You only put it on, on that special day. Of fine linen here refers to the righteous acts of the saints. Your acts are righteous. This is not the common righteousness but it is Christ as our righteousness. It is thread of gold. It shines. Are you preparing such a garment? If someone would ask me how would you build up the church? You should go embroider such a garment. Man’s building is quite different from God’s building.

How would you prepare the church today? Many people work for God. If you ask me, what do you do? I would tell you, I am an Embroider. What are you doing? When you go back to Stuttgart, go ask the elders in the church in Stuttgart. I don’t think they will tell you that they are doing embroidery work. People may ask when you went to the conference in Thailand, what did you learn? You should say, I learn to embroidery. They will then say that that must be so kind of cult, because they do not understand what we are doing in the church. In your daily living, you have to prepare this garment of fine linen, which is holy, woven with gold. It is not a work of machinery. By that time would you have such a beautiful garment to put on? Are we just talking about teachings here? This teaching is of no use. If you don’t prepare today, then you would not have the garments. Matt 22 – the Lord invited many guests to come attend the feast. When He came in, He saw a man and asked him, how come you came in? How come you don’t have a festive garment? Tie him up! That is why in the bible it tells us that we need to put on Christ. He is our righteousness. In all deed we do each day, need to be done according to Christ because Christ is our righteousness. We did not obtain our righteous from doing according to the law. But it came from Christ. Whatever I view as right may not be right. What I consider as righteous, the lord may not consider it as righteous. Sometimes we have a wrong understanding of people. The thread that you may be using might be black or grey. That is why, do get prepared in a good way.

What the Lord wants is a glorious church. In the end, the angel said, come, come and see. I will saw you. (Rev 21:9) “One of the 7 angels with the 7 bowls talked to me and said, come…” you have to see it right now. Do not wait until that day. If you want to wait till that day, you would not be able to see because you will not be able to attend the wedding feast. You have to see today. You have to come to see the New Jerusalem. That is why, don’t run around. Not every place is the New Jerusalem. You thought you go to Zion but in the end you ended up in Babylon. You have to know very clearly that the place you are going to is the New Jerusalem. It is the city of the King, it is the heavenly Zion. You have to go to the right place. There are so many places and church buildings you can go to. A brother told me that he went to South America and there are 365 cathedrals. Everybody says this is the church, and even the cathedral is the church! But is it the holy city, the New Jerusalem descended from heavens? You have to be careful. If you just run around you might end up in the wrong place. That is why you need to ask the Lord, where is your holy city? Is it at the Vatican? If you go over there, you will be fooled. There are so many so-called Christians. There are Roman Catholicism, the Lutheran church, the closed brethren, the open brethren, etc. there are all kinds of groups and are man’s organization, not descended from heaven. You really need to ask the Lord. Go to the Lord and ask Him, Lord, where is the holy city, New Jerusalem? Show it to me. Just like the angel showing John, the bride of the Lamb. Let him tell you. Then you would have peace within and you know that this I the place I need to go. Don’t say, oh it is john so who says it is this place. What I say doesn’t count. One day you may even blame me. You go ask the Lord. He will tell you.

I was carried away in the Spirit” (Rev 19). The Chinese translation is not that accurate. The original text says I was in the Spirit. If you want to see something heavenly you need to be in the spirit. If you are not in the spirit, you will not see. You must be in the spirit. “The angels carried me away …” this is also very meaning. If your spiritual experience is very low, you can’t see it. You have to be evaluated, you have to go up the mountains then you will see it clearly. I used to live in San Francoise. There is one place in San Francoise it is up on the peak. When you get up there, you can see the entire city of San Francoise. It is very beautiful. In the other places you can only see part of it. You need also good weather. If you go up on a foggy day, you will not see. If you go up to the peak, you will see the entire city. You have to get up there. Each time when we have guests, I will say, come, come, I will take you up the peak. It is too bad that it is not to see the holy city, but just to see the fallen old San Francoise. The Chinese name is called the old gold mountain. But if you want to see the New Jerusalem, you have to go up the mountain. Your growth in spiritual matters have to go higher and higher. If you do not grow in spirit, you would only see things at a certain level. You have no way to see how. The angle that you see is only this much. The higher you go, the wider is the angle you see. Brothers and sisters, don’t think that you have seen it and you are satisfied. You have to see things clearer and clearer. “he showed me the great city…from God”. John saw the entire city and not just a small part of it. We have to know the church, not just a small part of it. Many know the church, but only a small part. That is why they cannot build it. But John saw everything, he saw the walls, the doors, the streets, the water of life, the precious stones, the many levels of the foundations, even the names there and the gates of pearls, also the angels. He saw everything. Don’t think it is a simple thing to see the church. If I were to ask you to describe to me the church, perhaps you will say 3 sentences and you are done. Because you don’t see clearly, you cannot describe it. That is why our church life is just like this, year after year. The church in Stuttgart let me ask the brothers, is your street golden? Is there a river of life? And at each side, is there the tree of life? Is the throne there? When you go to the church, you have to look here and there. If you don’t see the throne, it is no good. You also need to see who is sitting on the throne. If it is no God or the Lamb seated on the throne, but the Pope, you better run away quickly. I don’t want to say too much. It is better that you read it and see it yourself the church is not that simple. If in this conference you see that the church is not that simple. It is the kingdom of the King, and then it is good enough. Our next conference will talk just about the New Jerusalem. Let’s take a good look at that, from all angles. Next year, if there is no flood. This is too important because if you don’t see, what do you want to build. The lord has already shown us the completed building and yet you don’t build according to it, what do you then want to build? The blueprint is there. Not only that, but the entire city is there for you to see. If you don’t want to build according to that, what do you want to build? We need a heavenly vision, not a vision from man. Visions from man are useless. You need to see the vision from heaven, comes down from god, descends from heaven. It is only the vision from god that counts. All else is useless. Do not build loosely. If it is not the NJ, this bridegroom will not accept it. You have to know God. He is not loose.

Let’s go home now. Go before God and ask from Him.

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